What is the correct spelling for LAYDE?

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Correct spellings for LAYDE

  • blade "While in cavalcade, with band and blade, Came Marshals, Princes, Kings; And the town was theirs.... Ay, as simple maid, My mother saw these things! – Leipzig by Thomas Hardy
  • glade
  • laced Pulling off my boots and laced coat and waistcoat, which I stowed for safe keeping under the pillow, I turned into bed by the light of the expiring embers of the fire, and in a few seconds afterwards was fast asleep.
  • lad
  • ladder The time has come to tie her up, gotta roll me the ladder I've had enough of the chatter, climb up to the window, look at her – Music Box by Eminem
  • laddie So I want to warn you, laddie Though I know that you're perfectly swell That my heart belongs to Daddy 'Cause my Daddy, he treats it so – My Heart Belongs To Daddy by Marilyn Monroe
  • lade
  • laden Sadly I stand with me heart heavy laden Oh what a knight in shining armor, I. To win the hand of this fair young maiden I would gladly lay me down and die – The George and Dragon by Herman's Hermits
  • ladle But you dish it up like soup in a ladle You speak of loving But you're talking like a kid in a cradle The word is out, – Dish it Up by budgie
  • lady For the Colonel's Lady an' Judy O'Grady – The Ladies by Rudyard Kipling
  • laird
  • land That lord that counsell'd thee To give away thy land, Come place him here by me, Do thou for him stand: – King Lear: Act I, scene IV by Unknown Author
  • lander
  • lard This street and the water-front were lighted-twilighted-with lard -oil lamps; the rest of the place was dark.
  • larder Mother, there's no meat in the larder .
  • lat But lat that alane-tempus reparabit-ha!
  • late They were too late .
  • later "Later is too late, let us go at once.
  • laud And, therefore, we praise him, we laud him, for he offends none but the virtuous, and denies that life is real or life is earnest, and delivers us from the oppression of such nightmares, and lifts us into the atmosphere of perfect freedom.
  • lauder I wish Sir Dick Lauder , instead of speculating where salmon spent the Christmas holidays, would apply his most inquiring mind to such a question as this.
  • lay Madelon lay silent for a minute.
  • layer "Then the barometer rose, yesterday, because we were in the cold air area, which became heavier because there was a layer of warm air on the top of it.
  • lead Go ahead, and if we have to get down and lead , I'll put Rob ahead, or Billy.
  • leader When their leader returned a little later in the evening, the boys told him what they had been doing.
  • led "My experience has led me to think otherwise," said Peter.
  • lid The lid of the left one fluttered.
  • lied Do you mean to say that Barabau has lied ?
  • lld
  • lloyd "I agree entirely with what Mr. Lloyd has said," Andrew declared.
  • load And you young man who rebel against labor and long for the chance to do nothing, study Bresci's case and take up your load gladly.
  • loader 978-2. Said industrial commission shall ascertain and determine the percentage of slate, sulphur, rock, dirt, or other impurity unavoidable in the proper mining or loading of the contents of mine cars or coal in the several operating mines within this state subject, however, to the right of the employer and miner or loader in any of such mines to make an agreement with reference thereto.
  • lode The finding of a cinnabar lode at Angel's absorbed all collateral facts or subsequent details.
  • lydia Lydia saw that, in fact, her beautiful mouth was quivering beneath softened eyes.
  • lye And when they come to the doctor he looked Georgie over and said, 'Could this child have got hold of any lye ?
  • Lamed See that there are no sharp projections in either yards or breeding-pens, as both old and young birds are often lamed for life by simply coming in contact with them in the night.
  • Larded However, in another five minutes, he was in fits of laughter over Blake's description of the conversation between himself and the coachman who had driven the Glo'ster day-mail by which he had come up; in which conversation, nevertheless, when Tom came to think it over, and try to repeat it afterwards, the most facetious parts seemed to be the "sez he's" and the "sez I's" with which Jehu larded his stories; so he gave up the attempt, wondering what he could have found in it to laugh at.
  • Lardy
  • Lauded Her essays were quoted, imitated, lauded to the skies.
  • Laved
  • Lazed
  • latte
  • Claude
  • Clyde
  • Loyd "Dr. Loyd instructed me to say"-she was looking down on his clasped hands-"that they have agreed that the operation must be performed at once.
  • lads
  • LAUE
  • laded
  • lades
  • laid "I gave notice of a suit for assault laid down by law against Gunnar Hamond's son; for that he rushed with an onslaught laid down by law on Thorgeir Otkell's son, and wounded him with a body wound, which proved a death wound, so that Thorgeir got his death.

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