What is the correct spelling for LAYDE?

If you meant to type "lady" but accidentally wrote "layde", worry not, as spellcheck is here to help! It will provide you with correct suggestions like "lady", "lauded" or "laid". So, double-check your spelling and choose the appropriate word to convey your message accurately.

Correct spellings for LAYDE

  • laid I laid my keys down on the counter.
  • lard The recipe called for a tablespoon of lard.
  • Larded She larded the meat with herbs and spices before roasting it.
  • larder I keep all of my canned goods and dry foods in the larder.
  • late
  • laud The teacher would laud the student's efforts in completing the difficult assignment.
  • Lauded The movie was lauded for its striking visual effects and compelling storyline.
  • lauder
  • LAUE She had a Laue smile.
  • lay Before leaving, she asked her dog to lay down and stay.
  • layer She applied a thick layer of sunscreen to protect her skin.
  • lode The miners were overjoyed when they struck a rich lode of gold ore.
  • Loyd
  • lye Lye is a highly caustic and alkaline substance often used in soap making.

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