What is the correct spelling for LAYIED?

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Correct spellings for LAYIED

  • Allayed The teacher's explanation allayed the student's confusion about the difficult math problem.
  • Bayed As the full moon rose, the pack of wolves bayed in unison.
  • Belayed He belayed the rope, ensuring the safety of the climber.
  • Cloyed After eating too many sweets, her palate became cloyed and she couldn't enjoy the dessert anymore.
  • Flayed The hunter flayed the deer, carefully removing its hide to preserve the meat.
  • kayoed I kayoed my boat in the water.
  • laced The drinks were laced with alcohol.
  • Lacked The cake lacked sugar and was bland.
  • Lagged Despite his best efforts, John lagged behind his teammates during the race.
  • laid She laid the blanket across the grassy ground.
  • Lamed The lamed was slightly bent, causing the letter to appear distorted in the Hebrew text.
  • Lammed
  • Lapped The waves lapped gently against the side of the boat as we drifted peacefully on the lake.
  • Larded The chef larded the roast with garlic and herbs to enhance its flavor.
  • Larked As the sun began to set, the children larked about in the park.
  • Lashed The wind lashed the sailboat, causing it to rock violently in the rough sea.
  • Lathed The wooden piece was lathed into a perfect cylinder.
  • Lauded The artist's latest exhibition was lauded by critics for its raw emotion and powerful message.
  • Laved After a long and busy day, I laved my face with cool water to refresh myself.
  • Lazed On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I lazed about in my pajamas and binge-watched my favorite TV show.
  • led The quarterback led his team to victory with three touchdown passes.
  • Levied The government levied high taxes on luxury goods imported from foreign countries.
  • liaised I liaised with the other teacher to schedule a meeting.
  • lid He tried to remove the lid but it was jammed shut.
  • lied She felt guilty that she had lied to him about her whereabouts the night before.
  • liked She liked the book so much that she read it in one sitting.
  • Limed The old cabin was limed to keep the bugs away.
  • lined The street was lined with colorful flowers on both sides.
  • Lived She lived in the tiny cottage by the lake for over 50 years.
  • Loyd Loyd is coming to the party tonight.
  • lye Lye can be used to make soap or as a strong alkaline solution for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • payed
  • played He played his guitar all night for his audience.
  • slayed She slayed her performance in the musical.
  • Yid
  • yield The farmer's fields yielded a bountiful harvest this year.

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