What is the correct spelling for LCB?

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Correct spellings for LCB

  • lab "Let's go back up to the lab," Bartlett said.
  • lb 7949. A quarter lb.
  • lcd The Arlow-Abbe condenser is a modified Abbe condenser that replaces the iris diaphragm, filter holder, lamp and lamp optics with a small OLED or LCD digital display unit.
  • lcm
  • llb
  • lob A submarine installation that could lob missiles into New York from the edge of the hundred-fathom line was not depth-bombed.
  • Lib Dis ol' nigguh ain' lib dese long yeahs foh nuffin.
  • CB AC AB BP AB - = - + - = - - - 1. CB PB PB BP
  • LC †Anserpica kiliani Mourer-Chauviré, Berthet & Hugueney 2004 Subfamily †Anatalavinae Olson 1999 Genus †Anatalavis Olson & Parris 1987 †Anatalavis rex (Shufeldt 1915) Olson & Parris 1987 †Anatalavis oxfordi Olson 1999 Subfamily Anseranatinae Salvadori 1895 Genus †Eoanseranas Worthy & Scanlon 2009 †Eoanseranas handae Worthy & Scanlon 2009 (Hand’s dawn magpie goose) Genus Anseranas Lesson 1828 Anseranas semipalmata (Latham 1798) (magpie goose) LC Family †Presbyornithidae Genus †Headonornis Harrison & Walker 1976 †Headonornis hantoniensis (Lydekker 1891) Harrison & Walker 1976 Genus †Presbyornis Wetmore 1926 †Presbyornis mongoliensis Kuročkin & Dyke 2010 †Presbyornis recurvirostrus (Hardy 1959) Ericson 2000 †Presbyornis pervetus Wetmore 1926 Genus †Telmabates Howard 1955 †Telmabates antiquus Howard 1955 †Telmabates howardae Cracraft 1970 Genus †Teviornis Kuročkin, Dyke & Karhu 2002 †Teviornis gobiensis Kuročkin, Dyke & Karhu 2002 Genus †Wilaru Boles et al.
  • PCB