What is the correct spelling for LE?

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Correct spellings for LE

  • ale You've stole our ale ."
  • be 6042. Did he tell you what you would be asked about?
  • ce Je n'ai pas de chance ce soir!"
  • de "Grant," she was saying, "I want to start off by asking you if you've ever taken a really good look at that guy Karl Van de Vliet.
  • fe What per cent by weight of Fe in the compound?
  • ge Almost all words which now terminate in consonants ended anciently in e, as year, yeare; wildness, wildnesse; which e probably had the force of the French e feminine, and constituted a syllable with its associate consonant; for in old editions words are sometimes divided thus, clea-re, fel-le, knowled-ge.
  • he He could not answer then.
  • la When La Touche saw how we were employed, he went to the Frenchmen and blacks, and induced them to assist; indeed, without their help we could scarcely have done what was necessary.
  • lb Here the prices of fishing lines are-2 lb .
  • le London: George Allen, 1904. Le double Jardin.
  • lea I am Sir Richard of the Lea , and my land lies in Uterysdale."
  • led Julia led May to a distance.
  • lee "I'm with you, Mr. Lee .
  • leg They're not going to cut off your leg or do anything horrid?"
  • lei And when baby Angela had clasped her fat hands, and, as 'youngest at the board,' 'inclined the head and pronounced the solemn word,' her father added, 'Gratias Deo, and Grazie a lei .
  • leo "Leo, do you not know me!
  • let Let go of her!
  • li R57568. The works of Li -Po.
  • lie You won't lie to me."
  • lp Liechtenstein no regular military forces (constitutionally prohibited); Principality of Liechtenstein National Police (Landespolizei, LP) (2010) Told her friends that she felt me We mad love thru the love hate lp – All I Really Want by Rick Ross
  • lu After a time Lu -ma'-wig decided to come to help and teach the Igorot.
  • lye If iudgement lye in them, then so do we, Because we haue beene euer neere the King Gr.
  • me It would have-to me !
  • L The s in island is due to a confusion with isle, from L .
  • Les Roncovieri, tenor Mr. Nathanson, bass Mrs. M.R. Blake, contralto Mrs. Cameron, soprano They gave, December 21 and 22, Les Huguenots; December 23 and 24, Bohemian Girl; December 25, Maritana.
  • Lew Among the writers, Lew Wallace, soldier, diplomat, and author, was self-educated.
  • Lo He who fails to see this, says Marlo, fails to understand the spirit of his time.
  • Len "What shall I do, Len ?
  • Ole Is your ole man outside?
  • LC Genus †Eoanseranas Worthy & Scanlon 2009 †Eoanseranas handae Worthy & Scanlon 2009 (Hand’s dawn magpie goose) Genus Anseranas Lesson 1828 Anseranas semipalmata (Latham 1798) (magpie goose) LC Family †Presbyornithidae Genus †Headonornis Harrison & Walker 1976 †Headonornis hantoniensis (Lydekker 1891) Harrison & Walker 1976 Genus †Presbyornis Wetmore 1926 †Presbyornis mongoliensis Kuročkin & Dyke 2010 †Presbyornis recurvirostrus (Hardy 1959) Ericson 2000 †Presbyornis pervetus Wetmore 1926 Genus †Telmabates Howard 1955 †Telmabates antiquus Howard 1955 †Telmabates howardae Cracraft 1970 Genus †Teviornis Kuročkin, Dyke & Karhu 2002 †Teviornis gobiensis Kuročkin, Dyke & Karhu 2002 Genus †Wilaru Boles et al.
  • LG The Bulldogs have the makings of a solid group of linemen up front, where C Royce Blacledge returns to anchor the unit in his Senior season after starting every game there as a Junior in 2006; Sophomore Craig Jenkins, who started every game at RT in 2006, moves to RG; Juniors Anthony Strauder and Michael Gates, who split time at LG both return, as do talented Junior Michael Brown, who transferred to State after redshirting at Florida, and Senior swing G/T J.
  • LL Never fear but I'll find you.
  • LN Wire, Dr. G. E., Deputy Ln . Worcester County Law L., Worcester, Mass.
  • LR Gateway BP reaction: PCR-product with flanking att B sites (this step can also use other methods of DNA isolation, such as restriction-digestion) + Donor vector containing att P sites + BP clonase => Gateway Entry clone, containing att L sites, flanking gene of interest Gateway LR reaction: Entry clone containing att L sites + Destination vector containing att R sites, and promoters and tags + LR clonase => Expression clone containing att B sites, flanking gene of interest, ready for gene expression.
  • LS The Sound Blaster Audigy LS (SB0310) is similar to the Audigy SE in that it supports neither hardware acceleration nor FireWire.
  • LT Hugh Johnston, 53. Anderson, Lt .
  • ie >> Ie ne truis par nulle voie Ou mon salut si bien voie Com, apres Dieu, en toy le voy; Quar quant aucun se desvoie, 100 A ce que tost se ravoie, De ta pitie li fais convoy.
  • easy-going It is a very slow, easy-going tree, in no hurry to have its harvest over.