What is the correct spelling for LEAGE'S?

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Correct spellings for LEAGE'S

  • ages It takes ages to complete a marathon.
  • lager I ordered a refreshing cold lager to enjoy on this warm evening.
  • lagers If you're looking for a refreshing beer, lagers are a great choice.
  • lagos Lagos is one of Africa's fastest-growing cities.
  • lags The game lags when there is too much activity on the screen.
  • lakes The lakes in the area are popular for fishing.
  • larges
  • largess She had a largess of spirit.
  • league The team was playing in the league.
  • leagues The two teams were from different leagues and had never played each other before.
  • leakages The company lost a significant amount of money due to the leakages in their production process.
  • leaks The plumber was hired to fix the leaks in the pipes.
  • LEAS
  • lease We need a full lease document to process the application.
  • leases The landlord offered the tenants short-term leases on the apartments.
  • Leaves The tree leaves were changing colors in the autumn breeze.
  • ledge I sat on the narrow ledge overlooking the deep canyon.
  • ledgers The ledgers are the official record of transactions.
  • ledges I didn't mean to fall off the cliffs, I was just looking for some cool ledges to hangout on.
  • Leeks Leeks are delicious when sautéed with garlic and butter.
  • lees The winemaker carefully separates the lees from the wine before bottling to ensure a clear and sediment-free product.
  • legacy He will leave a legacy of conservationism.
  • legals I need to check with our legals team before we can sign that contract.
  • legates The legates were sent to negotiate peace talks between the two warring factions.
  • leger The company's financial records must be kept in strict leger.
  • legs This student has very long legs.
  • lieges The king's loyal lieges rallied to his side during the rebellion.
  • lineages The study of genetics helps us to understand our lineages and the traits that we inherit.
  • lodges We booked two lodges for our family vacation in the mountains.
  • loges The loges at the theater provided a more intimate and private viewing experience for high-profile guests.
  • logs We need to get some logs for the fire.
  • lugs The mechanic tightened the lugs on the car's tire to ensure they were secure.
  • pledges The students made pledges to reduce waste and promote sustainability on campus.
  • sledges I need to get my sledges ready for the winter.

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