What is the correct spelling for LEAMON?

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Correct spellings for LEAMON

  • daemon This question is illuminated in Apuleius and Plutarch and Maximus of Tyre by a discussion of the daemon of Socrates.
  • damon Set any Damon and Pythias upon an isolated desert island, then into their lives bring the soft eyes of a girl, and inevitably the day will dawn when those eyes will look upon the death of a friendship.
  • demon The duke bowed, expressed his regret, and moved off, not without a glance at Jack, who stood calm and possessed; and Una knew, notwithstanding all her ignorance, that Lady Bell was not engaged, but had refused the duke that she might keep Jack by her side; and with this knowledge the demon jealousy sprang into life, and made himself fully known.
  • lamina Is not the lamina of the claw comparable to the wall of the hoof?
  • lawman "Nature teaches us that it is fitting that each beast hath a tail," he said; "and this Doom, which our Lawman is about to pronounce, is in very sooth a venomous beast.
  • layman But if a layman or clerk shall come with more than thirteen horses, they shall be entertained by the servants of the abbot, either within the court-lodge, or without, at the expense of the abbot.
  • leaden In the main outline I am sure you guess already without aid of mine, for we leaden -eyed men, in such cases, see nothing by comparison with you our quick-witted sisters.
  • lean As soon as the names were called over, I saw the Mate lean towards the Second and say something.
  • learn I will go home and ask Betty, and learn the truth.
  • leaven And I think that she cannot have understood, even when Doctor June touched her hair and said something of the little leaven which leaven eth the whole lump.
  • legion Again, the diseases among cattle are legion .
  • lemming Stopping before Ashby he said in his best professional manner: "Re-gards of the Girl-hot whisky straight with lemming extract."
  • lemon "I have just eight, ma'am," said Mrs. Lemon .
  • lemony Auntie indulges in one of them lemony , tight-lipped smiles of hers.
  • lennon If Mrs. M'Shane tells the same story as you do we'll go to your mother's, and afterwards I'll go to see Lennon about his daughter.
  • leon Leon told them that they would be very welcome if they would care to come in and rest-there were already a half-dozen wounded asleep in the house.
  • lesion If the States were sovereign, then this was a lesion of their sovereignty.
  • lesson One such lesson should have been enough; but it wasn't.
  • limn She has evidently a true artist's love of nature, and in a few lines can limn an autumn landscape full of colour, and the life which is on the down slope.
  • seaman No experienced seaman could have managed the boat better under the circumstances than did this woman.
  • sermon The sermon is ending, and he has heard it all.
  • Laming An illness, fever, fire, runaway horses, personal disfigurement, a laming, were sufficient.
  • Laymen While members of the legal profession will turn to the work for incidents with which to illustrate an argument or point a joke, laymen will enjoy its vivid descriptions of old fashioned proceedings and often semi-barbaric ideas to obligation and rectitude.
  • Lamont The best crops are, 1. Pontac, which formerly belonged to M. de Pontac, but now to M. de Lamont .
  • Lehman F. Lehman was postmaster of Philadelphia.
  • Ramon Has something happened to Ramon ?"
  • Leann
  • Lyman Lyman D. Brewster, as mentioned in the first chapter of this History, held under the Government of the United States.
  • lemons Take the juice of oranges and lemons if you crave them.
  • seamen 4068. Is it not the case sometimes that in the lines issued to Lerwick seamen the order is to pay is in favour of the ship's agent himself?
  • legman
  • legmen
  • lawmen 95, 96 "Lawmen" of the Five Boroughs, i.
  • singularnesses

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