What is the correct spelling for LEAUE?

If you meant to write "league" instead of "leaue", here are some possible correct suggestions. "League" refers to a group of individuals or teams that come together for a common purpose, such as a sports league or a professional organization. Remember to double-check your spelling to ensure clarity and avoid confusion.

Correct spellings for LEAUE

  • lace She wore a white dress with delicate lace details.
  • lade I could not help but laugh at the woman's blatant attempt to Lade me.
  • lake The lake is a beautiful site to visit.
  • lame I'm not too thrilled about the lame idea.
  • lane I walk down the lane next to the river.
  • LASE Just a quick lase session before bed to get rid of those pesky bed bugs.
  • late The meeting will be late.
  • laud
  • LAUE The sun reflects off the LAUE spectrometer on the telescope.
  • lave I need to lave the kitchen floor.
  • laze She loves to laze by the pool and read books on weekends.
  • lea We walked through the forest and came across a picturesque lea.
  • lead He followed the lead of his boss and decided to implement the changes in the company.
  • leader He is the leader of our team.
  • leaf I picked up a fallen leaf from the ground as I walked through the park.
  • league I play in the league.
  • Leah When Leah saw the snake she screamed and ran away.
  • leak The faucet in the bathroom is starting to leak and needs to be fixed.
  • leakey Are you a leakey?
  • lean The company is working to reduce its environmental impact by implementing a lean management philosophy.
  • leaner After working out for several weeks, I noticed I was becoming leaner and more muscular.
  • Leanne Her name is Leanne.
  • leap The athlete took a big leap and landed firmly on both feet.
  • leaper That leaper has some serious guts for leaping off the building.
  • lear
  • LEAS
  • lease After signing the lease, I became the official tenant of the apartment.
  • Leaser As a leaser, you are responsible for ensuring that the property is maintained in good condition.
  • leave I need to leave the house before 8 am.
  • leaver The leaver was left behind.
  • lee I stood on the lee side of the house to avoid the cold wind.

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