What is the correct spelling for LECTUR?

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Correct spellings for LECTUR

  • decatur It was built in 1779, and was at one time the home of Judge Morsell, but it was called the Decatur house.
  • elect Doumer was far more brilliant and vigorous, but was accused of self-seeking and was thought a less safe person to elect .
  • elector Early in the same month 26,000 men joined the Elector of Bavaria, while Villeroi with the army of Flanders was hastening in the same direction.
  • hector To hector is of the mind, but torture is of the body.
  • lacquer Soon Claude loved it even more than she did; loved its mysterious pillared drawing-room with the small white arches, the faint-colored and ancient Moorish tiles, the divans strewn with multi-colored cushions, the cabinets and tables of lacquer work, and the low-set windows about which the orange-hued venusta hung; the gallery running right round it from which the few small bedrooms opened by low black doors; the many nooks and recesses where, always against a background of colored tiles, more divans and tiny coffee tables suggested repose and the quiet of dreaming.
  • later It is later than I supposed.
  • lcd Different manufacturers use many names for their strobed backlight technologies for reducing motion blur on sample-and-hold LCD displays.
  • lectern However, he would have an inscription to the effect that it is the same lectern which was in the fire, which is quite a sufficient advertisement of the fact.
  • lecture My heart sank, for I supposed I was in for another lecture .
  • lecturer Still worse, when somebody observed that an Anti-Corn-Law lecturer was coming to Fenmarket, and the parson's daughter cried 'How horrid!
  • ledger The man behind the desk dipped his pen in the ink bottle and drew up a big ledger .
  • left Edna, he said, when the last one had left , go to your room.
  • legate It is enough for our present purpose to say that the earliest letter belongs to the reign of Nerva, and the ninth book was probably given to the world a year or two before the writer was appointed by Trajan to the office of imperial legate of Bithynia.
  • legato To sing legato is one thing; to sing strisciato is another.
  • leger The first day the Battalion got to Sus St. Leger where the night was spent, and by the end of the second day the Battalion was at Halloy.
  • lent I'm positively looking forward to Lent , sighed Miss Tripp; for really I'm worn to a fringe, but dear Elizabeth never seems tired, no matter how many engagements she has.
  • lest He had to manage his line with great caution, lest it should be broken by the strain upon it.
  • let And-and-let me tell you this.
  • letter I'd love to have a letter from Mary, but I haven't answered her last one yet.
  • liter Frequently the relief is immediate and in some cases a liter of the decoction is enough to effect a cure.
  • locate He's an old friend of mine, and he's going to locate here.
  • locator "Three miles from the buffalo waller," our locator had said.
  • nectar But there was none of that explosive approval which is as nectar to the ordinary demagogue.
  • rector The man had come from a neighbouring parish, as his own rector was ill.
  • sect Or it is all right, except what I say about the Christian Scientists, or the Theosophists, or perhaps one particular sect of the Theosophists, who are different from the others.
  • sector That sector might be fought and narrowed down by other men until it was beaten.
  • selector So perfectly has the genius of selector and author coincided, that not having myself gone through the verification of them, I should hardly be surprised to find that Lamb had used his faculty of invention.
  • vector Mass, which used to be regarded as the most indubitable of physical quantities, is now generally believed to vary according to velocity, and to be, in fact, a vector quantity which at a given moment is different in different directions.
  • Lester "Drawer-Helen Lester ," he read.
  • Leta Leta vowed, "The little baggage must be a witch and throw spells over people.
  • legit We're talking about legit stuff.

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