What is the correct spelling for LEEVE?

If you find yourself misspelling "leeve", don't worry! The correct spelling you're looking for is "sleeve". This little mistake is quite common and our brains often mix up the order of letters. Remember, double Es bring relief!

Correct spellings for LEEVE

  • cleave Despite the difficulties, the couple decided to cleave to each other and work through their problems together.
  • eve I'm going out with Eve tonight.
  • lave
  • leave Can I leave my bags here while I go grab something to eat?
  • leaved Before his departure, he leaved a note on the counter with instructions for his family.
  • leaven The bread was not risen, so we used the leaven to make it rise.
  • leaver I'll be the leaver of this party.
  • Leaves I need to rake up all the leaves before the snow fall.
  • lee My mom likes to bake lee.
  • leer The teacher gave him a stern leer when he didn't turn in his homework on time.
  • levee The levee has failed and the river is flooding!
  • level John is a Level Five employee.
  • lever I used the lever to lift the heavy trunk.
  • levi The Rabbi was wearing a blue kippah, a Jewish religious head covering, and Levi's.
  • levy The government may levy taxes on income or property.
  • live She tried to live without him, but it was too hard.
  • love Love can be expressed in many different ways, both big and small.
  • peeve My biggest peeve is when people leave the lights on when they leave the room.
  • reeve A reeve was in charge of the local court.
  • sleeve She wore a long sleeve shirt.