What is the correct spelling for LEGNED?

If you find yourself misspelling "legned", fear not! The correct spelling is actually "legend". It's a common error, but easily rectified. Always remember to double-check your spelling or better yet, rely on spell-checkers or dictionary apps for accurate suggestions.

Correct spellings for LEGNED

  • aligned The carpenter aligned the table legs perfectly before attaching them to the tabletop.
  • Deigned The queen deigned to greet the commoners who had gathered outside the palace gate.
  • feigned He feigned interest in the conversation, while his mind wandered elsewhere.
  • Leaned She leaned on the counter while waiting for her coffee to be ready.
  • leaner The company has become a leaner operation since the implementation of cost-cutting measures.
  • learned I have learned so much about cooking since I started taking cooking classes.
  • legend My grandfather is a legend in our family for his heroic actions during the war.
  • leger The bookkeeper specializes in the maintenance of the leger.
  • legged The four-legged dog ran around the park with its tongue hanging out.
  • lend I'll lend you my car for the weekend if you promise to fill up the tank before returning it.
  • Leonel Leonel is fluent in Spanish and English.
  • Leonid After Leonid's death, his friends created an observatory in his memory.
  • lerner I have a meeting with Dr. Lerner in fifteen minutes.
  • lined In the grocery store, I found some lined paper.
  • Loaned My brother loaned me his car for the weekend.
  • Reigned She reigned as queen for seventeen years.
  • signed John signed the agreement.

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