What is the correct spelling for LEHAM?

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Correct spellings for LEHAM

  • Ahem "Yes, ma'am, I was told so, and-ahem!
  • Elohim 26, the other regularly uses Elohim.
  • ham We gave each man a biscuit and a small piece of ham.
  • harm They could take no harm.
  • helm Starboard your helm, you fool.
  • hem But one had a new piece of cloth sewed into the hem-the color did not match, it had not yet been faded by the sun exactly the size of that scrap.
  • Him You don't know nothin' about him, you say?
  • hm The captain took instant advantage of his opportunity: "You certainly cannot expect to be the first woman who I-hm!
  • HMM "No," Ricky's voice sounded aggrieved, "he's too busy having secrets-" "Hmm," Rupert murmured, more interested in his letter than in the conversation.
  • hum Ah-hum-what shall Tomkins say?
  • lam S. 1853. Sangumoiaria rosea, Lam.
  • lama The Great Lama of Thibet is believed to reincarnate immediately after death.
  • lamb He is the Lamb that takes away sin.
  • lame "I can walk, thank you," responded poor Ned, and he did so, after a lame and awkward fashion, but he was glad to reach the tent.
  • lemma When no manuscripts are specified for the lemma in an entry, the lemma is the reading for those manuscripts not otherwise specified.
  • LEMME "Lemme get this-out," choked Anderson, his face now livid, his veins bulging.
  • lima Add stock to moisten and one cupful of partially cooked lima beans.
  • llama No other means would have availed, as beating would not make either llama budge an inch.
  • loam One method of making the brick spawn is as follows: Equal parts of horse dung, and cow dung, and loam soil are thoroughly mixed together to a consistency of mortar.
  • loamy A light rope was tied; an experimental tug broke it like a string, tumbling Alix violently in a sitting position, and precipitating her father into a loamy bed.
  • unnotable