What is the correct spelling for LEN?

If you happen to mistype "len", there are a few words it could potentially be. One possibility could be "lens", referring to a piece of optical equipment. Another option might be "lean", meaning to tilt or incline. Lastly, it could be "lien", a legal claim on someone's property.

Correct spellings for LEN

  • ben Ben is a nickname commonly used for Benjamin.
  • den The bear retreated to its den in the forest.
  • en En is a prefix that means "in" or "into."
  • fen The bird flew over the fen and disappeared into the distance.
  • gen
  • glen I took a long hike through the glen and was rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
  • hen The mother hen was teaching her chicks how to scratch the dirt for food.
  • ken The boxer demonstrated his ken of the sport by slipping the punch and delivering a counter-attack.
  • lan
  • le
  • lea The barn was surrounded by a green lea, creating a peaceful and idyllic scene.
  • lean I am trying to lean out my diet and reduce my calorie intake.
  • led The brave warrior led his troops into battle.
  • lee The boat docked safely at the lee of the island.
  • leg I hurt my leg while running yesterday.
  • lei In Hawaii, it is customary to give a lei adorned with fragrant flowers to visitors upon their arrival.
  • Len Len is a nickname for the name Lenny.
  • lena
  • lend Can you lend me $10 for lunch?
  • Leno Jay Leno has been a prominent figure in the world of stand-up comedy for over four decades.
  • lens I need to clean my eyeglasses because the lens is smudged.
  • lent I lent my friend some money to help pay her rent.
  • leo Leo is one of the Zodiac signs known for its bold and charismatic personality.
  • leon Leon is an expert in the field of mathematics.
  • Les Les chiens aboient devant la porte.
  • let Let's go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather.
  • Lew
  • lien The mechanic put a lien on my car until I paid for the repairs.
  • lin
  • LN
  • Lon Lon Chaney Jr. was a famous actor in the 1930s and 1940s, known for his roles in horror films.
  • lpn I need an LPn because I'm running late for my appointment.
  • LVN My LVN wants me to work nights, but I'm a light sleeper.
  • men He had ten men working for him.
  • Olen
  • pen My pen is running out of ink.
  • sen
  • ten He gave me ten dollars for my birthday.
  • wen I had a large wen on my forehead that needed to be surgically removed.
  • zen The teacher described the zen approach to life as the path to inner peace.

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