What is the correct spelling for LEPOR?

If you mistakenly type "lepor" instead of "leopard", fear not! Auto-correct can be helpful, offering alternative suggestions. Some possible correct options may include "leper", "leap" or "leporine". Remember to proofread to ensure accuracy and prevent any unintended confusion in your writing.

Correct spellings for LEPOR

  • labor I have to labor on the weekends to finish my assignments.
  • leaper The athlete is a successful leaper, having won multiple high jump competitions.
  • lear
  • leer
  • leger The art exhibit featured many stunning leger paintings.
  • Lego My son enjoys spending hours building intricate Lego structures.
  • lemur The lemur is a unique and endangered primate species that is native to Madagascar.
  • Leno I'm not sure if I should invite Leno or go alone.
  • Lenoir He was the naturalist who named the Lenoir River.
  • leo Leo is the zodiac sign for people born between July 23 and August 22.
  • leon I heard that Leon is a great cook and makes amazing paella.
  • Leonor Leonor is a very beautiful woman.
  • Leos I'm not a fan of Leos because they're always stealing my food.
  • leper The leper colony was a place of refuge for those with the disease.
  • lepers In biblical times, lepers were often banished from their communities and forced to live on the outskirts of society.
  • lepus The lepus is a small, shy creature that can easily be mistaken for a rabbit.
  • Leroy Leroy was the scapegoat for our group project.
  • lessor The lessor collected the rent from the tenant on the first of every month.
  • lever The lever is DOWN to raise the arm.
  • Sepoy The Sepoy Rebellion raged for several months until the British military eventually suppressed it.
  • vapor I smell vapor coming from your computer.

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