What is the correct spelling for LEURN?

If you came across the misspelling "leurn", don't worry, we've got you covered! The correct suggestions for this word could be "learn" or "lunar". "Learn" refers to gaining knowledge or acquiring new skills, while "lunar" pertains to the moon. So next time, remember to double-check your spelling!

Correct spellings for LEURN

  • bern Bern is the fifth most populous city in Switzerland with a population of around 133,000.
  • burn
  • earn She wields her talent for painting to earn a living.
  • fern
  • FURN
  • kern The bowl is divided into five parts, the rosette, the floret, the Kern, the stamen, and
  • Lauren My best friend's name is Lauren, but I call her Lulu.
  • lean She tried to lean against the wall, but it was too slick with paint.
  • Leann My friend Leann is such a sweet person.
  • lear
  • learn I would like to learn more about history.
  • learns The student learns by asking questions and engaging in active discussions with the teacher.
  • leer She gazed at him with a leer.
  • lemon I squeezed a lemon over my ice cream.
  • lemur The Lemur is the only native mammal of Madagascar.
  • Len Len is the biggest of the three brothers.
  • lenin Lenin's theory of imperialism is still highly influential.
  • leon Leon is the name of a popular male character in many video games.
  • lorn The lamb was looking lorn.
  • lour The dark clouds above us began to lour as we made our way down the mountain.
  • lure The lure of the fishing line caught her eye and she was soon in pursuit.
  • lurk
  • tern I think that plant is a tern.
  • turn She hesitated before making the turn onto the narrow road.
  • urn This car park is excellent for those who want to urn their deceased pets.
  • Vern I'm going to Vern's house.

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