What is the correct spelling for LEWER?

If you are looking for possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "lewer", there are a few options to consider. It might be "lower" or "liver" depending on the context. If it's related to a body part or organ, then "liver" would be the appropriate term. However, if it relates to something being positioned beneath another, then "lower" would be the correct spelling.

Correct spellings for LEWER

  • blower Where is the blower for this furnace?
  • ewe The farmer had trouble finding his stray ewe.
  • ewer The elegant ewer was filled with fragrant rosewater.
  • fewer I need to eat fewer sweets if I want to be healthier.
  • flower She picked a colorful flower from the garden.
  • glower The angry teacher would glower at any student who dared to speak out of turn.
  • hewer The hewer shaped the logs into perfect planks for the new barn.
  • lear
  • lee I always forget her name - Lee
  • leer He glared at her with a leer.
  • leers The creepy man at the party kept giving me leers and it made me want to leave.
  • leery I always feel a bit leery of working in this office.
  • leger The company's leger showed a significant loss in profits for the second quarter.
  • leper
  • lever I need to get a new lever for the lawn mower.
  • Lew My father's name is Lew.
  • loewe Sony's high-end brand Loewe sets the standard for fashion on the runway.
  • Lowe Phil Lowe is the CEO of Lowe's.
  • lower We went to the lower level.
  • lowers He lowers his head in shame.
  • Lowery In Louisiana, Lowery is the second most common surname.
  • NEWER The newer version of the software has more features.
  • sewer The sewer backed up and caused a terrible smell in the whole neighborhood.
  • slower The bus was going much slower than I was expecting.
  • veer The driver had to veer quickly to avoid hitting the deer that ran across the road.

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