What is the correct spelling for LI?

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Correct spellings for LI

  • ai And so Joshua before Ai , and Manoah by the rock at Zorah, and Ezekiel by the river Chebar, should see the likeness of a man.
  • ali Below, the two caliphs Abdullahi and Ali Uled Helu took the prophet under the arms and escorted him to the sheep hide on which he knelt.
  • bi He began to publish a bi -weekly called Scissors and Paste, which contained nothing but extracts from other English, Irish, Colonial and American papers.
  • ci Marci Tullii Ci ceronis Arpinatis consulisque Romani ac oratorum maximi Ad M. Tullium Ci ceronem filium suum Officiorum liber incipit.
  • gi I expected, at the beginning of this final effort, to send back by this time the two extra men, Koo-loo-ting-wah and In-u-gi-to, who had remained to help us over the rough pack-ice.
  • hi By this time I had come to an understanding with myself, and felt so composed, that I returned hi ?
  • il But the thought that Earth and April Year by casual year Shall waken around the old ways, soft and beautiful, Year by year when I am away, -This, this breaks my heart!
  • la Well, that's Mignon La Salle.
  • lb I got about a dozen of these smaller fellows of about one lb .
  • le He has himself drawn her portrait in a chapter of a later book, Le double Jardin.
  • lei Say buon giorno a lei .
  • li At first Li used to give large sums of money, so that the matron to whom Shih-niang belonged, shrugged her shoulders and smiled.
  • lid Put them into an oven, the lid of which must be hot.
  • lie But this implies, what has been said already, that the curtains of the tabernacle should lie close to the curtains of the tent.
  • lii 12. The fourth and last song of the servant, lii .
  • lin Nasmyth flung the rifle up to his shoulder, and twice jerked a fresh cartridge into the chamber, but this time there was silence when the crash of the heavy Marlin died away among the woods.
  • lip She told herself with quivering lip that of course Hew should go and see poor Mrs. Kaye.
  • lit "I expect you'll meet your hero very often before you've done with him, Mabel"-as he said the words he struck a match and lit a cigarette-"for he and Jane Oglander are going to be married."
  • lp Legislative branch: bicameral Congress or Kongreso consists of the Senate or Senado (24 seats - one-half elected every three years; members elected at large by popular vote to serve six-year terms) and the House of Representatives or Kapulungan Ng Mga Kinatawan (212 members representing districts plus 24 sectoral party-list members; members elected by popular vote to serve three-year terms; note - the Constitution prohibits the House of Representatives from having more than 250 members) elections: Senate - last held 10 May 2004 (next to be held in May 2007); House of Representatives - elections last held 10 May 2004 (next to be held in May 2007) election results: Senate - percent of vote by party - Lakas 30%, LP 13%, KNP 13%, independents 17%, others 27%; seats by party - Lakas 7, LP 3, KNP (coalition) 3, independents 4, others 6; note - there are 23 rather than 24 sitting senators because one senator was elected Vice President; 14 senators are pro-government, 9 are in opposition; House of Representatives - percent of vote by party - NA%; seats by party - Lakas 93, NPC 53, LP 34, LDP 11, others 20; party-listers 24; note - there are 211 rather than 212 sitting representatives because one was appointed Secretary of Tourism (2004) She's the one you thought would never do a solo LP Yeah, now what chick could outsell me? – Hot (Main) by Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez
  • lu Two days later, old Lu entered their house.
  • lvi But, apart from the fact that, on the whole, the style of lvi .
  • lxi Their Seed shall be known amongst the Gentiles, and their Offspring amongst the People: All that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the Seed which the Lord hath blessed, Isaiah lxi .
  • mi Prester and Banks Mi , and all sorts of fellows were in that crowd.
  • ni Now we must resume our road, Hlala-ni-gahle!
  • ri 88. The inscription is in part as follows: Castle of Taga, Distant from the capital, Ri 1500 Distant from the frontier of Yezo, Ri 120 Distant from Hitachi, Ri 412 Distant from Shimotsuke, Ri 274 Distant from Makkatsu, Ri 3000. 104 Education in Japan, New York, 1873, p.
  • si Mais si , mais si , I am most unfortunate, but innocent,-quite innocent.
  • ti To-ti-o took the lead.
  • L L.M.T. L ocal Mean Time.
  • Lib If such as she lib in heaven, it mus' be one beautiful place, he remarked to me one day.
  • Lo Lo, there sits bwana kubwa, the great and mighty white master, whom the elephant fears!
  • Eli He believed that he possessed the same soul as Enoch and Eli , that he had been a judge sitting on the case of Jesus Christ-"I was a judge at the Crucifixion," he is reported as saying-and that he had been a prisoner in bonds at the Court of Cynfelyn, not far from Aberystwyth, for a year and a day.
  • Liz Liz-Elise didn't introduce her to you.
  • LC †Anserpica Mourer-Chauviré, Berthet & Hugueney 2004 †Anserpica kiliani Mourer-Chauviré, Berthet & Hugueney 2004 Subfamily †Anatalavinae Olson 1999 Genus †Anatalavis Olson & Parris 1987 †Anatalavis rex (Shufeldt 1915) Olson & Parris 1987 †Anatalavis oxfordi Olson 1999 Subfamily Anseranatinae Salvadori 1895 Genus †Eoanseranas Worthy & Scanlon 2009 †Eoanseranas handae Worthy & Scanlon 2009 (Hand’s dawn magpie goose) Genus Anseranas Lesson 1828 Anseranas semipalmata (Latham 1798) (magpie goose) LC
  • LG , Hawker Hurricanes of 151 Squadron shot down a Junkers Ju 88 bomber between Calais and Boulogne and Spitfires of 74 Squadron shot down another Ju 88, both from Lehrgeschwader 1 (LG 1).
  • LL "We-e-ll," says Sally, as she has said before, and we have tried to spell her.
  • LN Mudge, Isadore G., Ref. Ln . Univ.
  • LR The following are the most common: hs; lr; kt; nng; vw.
  • LS If your working directory is empty, ls produces no output, because there are no files to list.
  • LT The first was: Lt .
  • LIQ If the latter denote a large dose to have been imparted and it has been in the system for hours, delay is dangerous and nothing less than 16 minims of liq.
  • LIX It is not the impotence of Jehovah, but the manifold sins of the people, that have kept back the day of salvation, lix.