What is the correct spelling for LIBIA?

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Correct spellings for LIBIA

  • alibi Did you take the precaution of arranging an alibi ?
  • lab "Well, I'll show you a first-class American tragedy if you don't go back to your lab and work," he grinned.
  • labial It was a bare labial whisper.
  • lb A sugar loaf weis 8 lb .
  • libber
  • libby I saw her again when Libby had the brain fever.
  • libel It happened to fall into my way to arrest the publication of a scandalous libel ; I work night and day for six weeks; I travel nearly two thousand miles.
  • liberia You can judge of the extent of our labor wen I inform you that the sisters of our Society have distributed the past year to our colored brethren in Liberia , 500 flannel shirts-ah-600 wool socks-ah-100 Bibles-ah-100 Tracts on Temperance-ah-500 toothpicks-ah-and a large supply of cologne water-ah!
  • libido Sometimes he thought he had more libido and energy, but other times he wasn't sure.
  • libra When you were born, the planet housed in the sign of Libra was Venus.
  • libya He likewise resided in Egypt, and travelled over the regions of Libya ; and every where instructed people in the rites, and religion, which he professed.
  • lii Hamlet, Some Remarks on the Tragedy of, xx, lii i, 317, 318, 322. Hanmer, Sir Thomas, Edition of Shakespeare, xxix, lii -liv; Preface, 92-95; readings or notes, 171, 192, 208, 209; Correspondence, liv, 317, 318, 320; relations with Warburton, li, 98-101, 192; criticised by Johnson, lix, 146, 147, 325; by Grey, 324, 325. See Hamlet, Some Remarks on.
  • lima Jan 2 for a week's stay in Lima .
  • lira They are of different sizes but most would cover a lira and of the thickness of two.
  • liza Liza was always just getting over having a baby or just about to have one and her condition was now of the latter character.
  • llb
  • lob He knew that he himself, being a merchant seaman, was regarded by all these brass-bound people as an inferior, a shell-back, a lob -scouser, and no dire need would ever make them accept him as one of themselves.
  • lobar Of course, I didn't contract lobar pneumonia on purpose, he added with a smile.
  • lobe Usually only one side is affected, often but a single lobe , and this most commonly the large or principal lobe .
  • lube 82 Heat in Royston home, used old lube oil.............
  • tibia Tendons, 117, 203, 207, 208. Tetanus, 288, 295. Thein, 91. Theobromin, 91. Thigh, 207, 208. Thirst, 71. Tibia , 213. Tissues, 18. See also Cells.
  • Labia Hic extendens Dominus manum, labia Johannis digito tanget, ac ori imponet auream linguam.
  • Lib Now our ships can cross the sea And win the war for Lib - Just at that part of the chorus we felt a crash which broke suddenly into the song with the thrilling tones of the siren's danger signal.
  • Tibiae 174. Sarranae tibiae, 45. Sarsina, birthpl.
  • Lila And thus into a world where only the fittest survive that day came Lila Van Dorn,-the child of a mother's love.
  • Lina Towards the end of February, when some treacherously mild weather heralded, as all prophesied, a cold windy March, Lina allowed her youthful adorer to be her escort in long rides on horseback.
  • Lisa The street was perfectly silent, and the lamp-posts, far apart, threw a dim light which only served to make Lisa realize her solitude.
  • Livia The politic Augustus discussed high matters of state with Livia .
  • Lilia
  • Lidia The girl was, he said, of good family, and her name was Lidia Voltchaninov, and the estate on which she lived with her mother and sister, like the village on the other side of the pond, was called Shelkovka.
  • BIA In Aeschylus it was Kratos and Bia who subdue Prometheus.
  • LBW During Englands tour to the West Indies in 1953–54, Burke gave John Holt out lbw in the first Test in Kingston.

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