What is the correct spelling for LIIED?

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Correct spellings for LIIED

  • allied Knowing that he was among a friendly allied tribe, Claw-of-the-Eagle strode along as openly and as carelessly as he would have done at Werowocomoco or Powhata.
  • iliad The action of the Annals, as well as of the Iliad , was made partially dependent on a divine interference with human affairs, though exercised less directly, and, as it were, from a greater distance.
  • lad Well, you're right about one thing; there's some good stuff in the lad .
  • lade Lade all their beasts and bid them haste away; Take wagons from my hand, make no delay.
  • laird Mrs. Cameron had few treasures; but she made a bundle of them-a Bible, some of Davey's baby clothes, an old-fashioned gold-rimmed brooch with a mosaic on black stone that Donald Cameron had given her and desired her to wear with the black silk dress he had insisted on her having and appearing in, occasionally, when people began to call him the Laird of Ayrmuir.
  • lead After all, what you are doing now can lead to nothing.
  • led Anna came out and led Hughie into the house for breakfast.
  • leda I have been thinking of a Leda with a swan, but I'm afraid it's too hackneyed.
  • let But I can't let you do it.
  • lewd At times he actually invited lewd confidences though making every pretence of anger when they were imparted to him.
  • licked Calm returned, and I meekly licked the spoon.
  • lid The hands fell, but the look of glad surprise was only shut out of sight by the coffin lid .
  • lidded She clung to him as he kissed her, and he saw that she was pale and her eyes heavily lidded ; but he asked her no questions.
  • lido The pretty little salon into which he conducted her looked out upon the Grand Canal and past the church of Santa Maria della Salute upon the Lido .
  • lie Let it lie an hour or two in the seasoning.
  • lied Nur el-Tadhil lied when he said that he would not permit us to be admitted to his presence.
  • lieu Cautiously he pressed against the wooden partition of the hut he could not refrain from looking through the small aperture which stood in lieu of a window, and once more gaze on those dear faces.
  • lii 10.-Page 280, stanza lii .
  • liked What if she liked them but they did not like her?
  • lind Many will recollect the brilliant novel "Charles Auchester," in which, under the names of Seraphael, Aronach, Charles Auchester, Julia Bennett, and Starwood Burney, are painted the characters of Mendelssohn, Zelter his teacher, Joachim the violinist, Jenny Lind , and Sterndale Bennett the English composer.
  • lined I should say that from thirty to forty men lined the pathway on each side.
  • lipid ) The integral membrane proteins tend to have outer rings of exposed hydrophobic amino acids that anchor them into the lipid bilayer.
  • lipped Then came a doctor, stern and tight-lipped, with the moaning baby in his arms.
  • lit I lit another match.
  • lite She looked so full of life, and her interest in all things was so keen and eager that I never for a moment thought her old or linked to her lite the imagination of death.
  • liter Boil for 15 minutes in a covered vessel, cool, filter and add water enough to make a liter .
  • livid My eyes were surrounded by livid circles, and my skin was blackened by the burning sea-winds.
  • lld
  • lode And I want to tell you, sir, too, that I won't be pointed out as having anything to do with such a swindling concern as the Mukton Lode Company.
  • Levied He had reserved a fund from the contribution which he levied when he made treaties with Austria, Prussia, etc.
  • Lieder Not far from her sat Frau Makart, the great instructor in the art of German Lieder interpretation, a hard-featured woman who sneered at Italians, Italian methods and Italian music.
  • Limed If we look at the limed clay in our funnel experiment we shall see that the same change has gone on there; the clay has become rather loose and fluffy, and can therefore no longer hold water back.
  • Lived She did not ask Elizabeth where she lived.
  • Plied For an hour, I have been told since, I was plied with questions.
  • Lidia Rumours have reached me that Lidia Stahievna is going to be married par depit.
  • flied Here are directions for making it: They can be made in different sizes and flied tandem, from twenty to hundreds of feet apart.
  • LIEUT The loss was but little; Lieut .
  • liaised Having been promoted to the Management Board of the Security Service the next year, Manningham-Buller became the director in charge of surveillance and technical operations and did an agent run from Southampton in 2001 where she liaised with senior member
  • laid Laid by the heels at last!

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