What is the correct spelling for LIKEW?

If you find yourself misspelling "likew", there are a few possible correct suggestions. First, consider "like", which means to enjoy or prefer something. Alternatively, "liked" is the past tense of "like". Lastly, "likewise" serves as a synonym for "also" or "in the same way". Check your context to determine the appropriate choice.

Correct spellings for LIKEW

  • alike The two brothers looked so alike that people often mistook them for twins.
  • bike I always enjoy riding my bike around town.
  • hike I love to hike through the mountains and enjoy the beautiful views of nature.
  • ike Ike is a great basketball player.
  • IKEA IKEA is always a great place to buy furniture.
  • lake We rented a boat and took it out onto the calm lake.
  • lakes Near the center of the park is a large body of water called the lakes.
  • Lew
  • Lice Lice are small, wingless insects that can infest hair and clothing.
  • licked I licked my lips after taking a bite of my food.
  • lie I can tell when you lie.
  • lied I lied to you about going to the party.
  • lief I would lief spend my weekend reading a good book than going to a party.
  • lien I have a lien on your car.
  • lies It is important to always tell the truth and not resort to telling lies.
  • lieu In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to a local charity.
  • life I refuse to give up on life.
  • like After eating the pizza, I felt like I was eating cake.
  • liked I liked your Facebook post.
  • likely I'm going to be able to make it to the party, but it's likely that I'll be pretty late.
  • liken I would liken her painting skills to those of a professional artist.
  • likes Mom likes to cook so I like to help her.
  • lime The sour smell of the lime offended Jane's sense of smell.
  • line The train pulled into the station and I saw the line of people waiting to get on.
  • linker Some software contains a linker to help manage the library files.
  • Lire
  • lite I prefer to purchase the lite version of the ice cream to save on calories.
  • live I want to live a live that's filled with love and happiness.
  • luke I was disappointed that Luke wasn't at the party.
  • mike Mike looked up from his book and smiled at his wife.
  • nike I always wear Nike shoes to the gym because they are comfortable and provide great support.
  • pike I'm going to go fish for pike tonight.
  • skew I can see a large skew in the data.

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