What is the correct spelling for LISEAN?

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Correct spellings for LISEAN

  • lan Naturally San-Lan could not understand the nature of my pity for this poor child, nor the fact that it might have proved a weak spot in my armor.
  • lean A lean -to house from 6 to 9 feet wide against a south wall may be of great service.
  • learn If they could find him, I think they would try again to learn of him something which he only can tell.
  • lena Some of our readers may recall the Lena Valley murders, in which he figured as the principal criminal.
  • leon "Leon evidently doesn't think us safe down here!
  • lessen In planting for sale, select two or three varieties only; and these should come in together, if possible, to lessen the cost of "keep."
  • lesson People need a lesson and they're going to get it, too.
  • liaison Besides spending his early youth there, we find him, on three different occasions, retiring thither from Rome, and making a considerable stay there; first, at the time of his brother's death, apparently at the very height of his liaison with Clodia; next, immediately after his return from Bithynia; and again in the winter of 55-54 B.C., when it is probable that his interview and reconciliation with Julius Caesar took place.
  • lien "Remember, sir, you have no lien upon her," said Martin, sternly.
  • liken "There isn't anything in the world to liken it to," he declared.
  • lin It's agreed then that you take Marlin and Mr. Hollins takes Clay.
  • line I did not get any money, but I got goods for the line .
  • linear And, since the radiation was linear and "in step," the Q-tube didn't heat up much at all.
  • linen She had also gone to a linen draper's, and had bought many nice clothes for the young folks.
  • lion If they don't take you on, come into the Red Lion -I'll be there-and have a drop.
  • lisbon But I must not stay chattering here, or it will be supposed I am lost, and then there will be a hue and cry all over Lisbon in search of me; for I am much too valuable a person not to be a prize to any who could carry me off."
  • lisle "I'll go and change my clothes, then, sir," said De Lisle .
  • listen Listen to me, boy!
  • liston But those are not the things that one forgets, are they, Miss Liston ?
  • liven R63252. Girls and gold: Sluicer Sam and Centipede Sal liven up.
  • liza Liza did not get up all day.
  • loan All material property would be charged with Mavis' loan , and the value of the good-will would be repaid how and when he could repay it.
  • loosen Try the axe on the rocks and see if you can loosen them, or, better yet, see if there isn't a fissure somewhere.
  • lose It's a great mistake, to lose one's head.
  • nisan And there rose up with him Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel of the house of David, of the family of Peres, of the tribe of Judah; in the second year of Cyrus king of Persia in the first day of the month Nisan .
  • nissan Here we lived in metal nissan huts and conditions were a little better.
  • risen A gray light made plain the desolation of the scene, although the sun had not yet risen .
  • seen I've seen it again!
  • sen 20-32. That Burgmann's is the truer view appears from Sen .
  • sewn Probably the first gloves were formed of skins, sewn with bone needles, and were long enough to reach above the elbow.
  • xian The peasants, according to the Marxian doctrine, cannot understand socialism until they have become proletariats themselves, instead of becoming miserable landed proprietors.
  • Lice When lice are present they should be destroyed.
  • Sean Sean Ruadh agreed with the king to serve for seven years, and went home with him.
  • Alison Alison could not help a smile.
  • Larsen Larsen replied mildly: "Mostly they's a pile more interesting when they's dangerous.
  • Lina Lina followed at a little distance.
  • Lisa Lisa, have you any idea what ever became of that hat?
  • Luisa "By all means, Luisa , by all means," replied His Majesty, placing his sound hand behind his back and drawing himself up very erect-a habit of his after asking a question.
  • Len Len, it's all true, and we're a couple of young fools!"
  • Lucien "His name is Lucien Thurbyfil.
  • Leann
  • Lilian It wasn't Lilian , after all?
  • San "To yonder ruins," he said, "of a summer residence of the good monks of the convent of San Bento.
  • Lesa You are Lesa Swaim over and over.
  • LINEs Then he started walking back looking for his own lines.
  • liens Other buildings are not exempt against liens for material or labor used in their construction.
  • lies Their great difficulty lies in getting water.
  • leans He remains with her little white hand in his great hairy one, and she leans against him and accepts the position.
  • LASE
  • LEAS She was that, too; she asked why people walked on the Leas "with little to talk about and nothing to look at, and bound not to do all sorts of natural things, and bound to do all sorts of preposterous things."
  • Olsen "Come on, men," called Olsen .
  • billboarding

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