What is the correct spelling for LITTERD?

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Correct spellings for LITTERD

  • latter The latter lose money, if they have money to lose.
  • leotard The King of Durendal wore a cloth-of-silver leotard and pink tights, and a belt of gold links on which he carried a jeweled dagger only slightly thicker than a knitting needle.
  • letter We have a letter from father!
  • lettered The General paused to smile, for the last name had been freshly lettered there, and he knew that it meant a hope fulfilled to his old friend the Colonel.
  • letters I was not even sure he knew the place until these letters came to me.
  • lidded They seemed to grow, if anything, more lidded .
  • lifted She understood, and with a kindly smile lifted up her face to him.
  • lifter A couple of Paratime Police officers were towing a tank of sleep-gas around on an antigrav-lifter, maintaining the proper concentration in case any more came in.
  • lighted He was going to talk about the doctor, into whose arm he slipped his own as soon as he had lighted his second cigar.
  • listed All enemy courses of action which, after test, are retained for further study are now listed by the commander.
  • lister I am indebted to Arthur Lister , Esq.
  • liter Bacon, eggs, toast, strawberry jam, and a liter of coffee.
  • litter We followed the litter on which some men, who had been sent to collect the dead, had placed my father's body.
  • littered A littered table, black with great age and heavily carved, and a chair to match, stood upon a rough fibre mat.
  • litterer
  • littler The great artists stand out and join hands: the contests that clashed around them, the little men that aped them, the littler that abused, have fallen into one ruin.
  • looted Our ponies and baggage arrived all right but some time after us; it ought to have been looted if what recent writers say about the Kachins is right-that "they do no honest labour, but live by lifting cattle, looting caravans, and stealing anything upon which they can lay their hands."
  • lottery Living in a mercantile town, she had caught something of the spirit, and determined to venture a little in the great lottery of commerce.
  • pitted Many wise men of different ages and countries are pitted against each other as if their doctrines were fundamentally antagonistic, while, in truth, their doctrines are essentially in unison, and either would have spoken or written much the same as the other had he lived in the same circumstances.
  • titter Much of our time in life we go about blindfolded, stumbling over mistakes, trying to catch things that we miss, while people stand round the ring and titter , and break out with half-suppressed laughter, and push us ahead, and twitch the corner of our eye-bandage.
  • Fitted A year ago, she said, through her tears, she would have thought herself much more fitted for it than Marmaduke.
  • Flitted Whether or not we should do so successfully seemed very doubtful; for as far as we could judge, while they flitted in and out among the trees, there were a hundred or more of them yelling and shrieking and hurling their sharp-pointed spears towards us.
  • Witted Whether with reason or not, he had the reputation for being slow-witted, in spite of the fact that he was a brilliant chess-player.
  • liters 55 Corrosive sublimate centigrams 18 Boiling water liters 5 Allow the liquid to cool and add 50 grains of carbolic acid, and filter after standing five or six days.
  • lilted When a chickadee lilted near at hand the men started nervously and the girl uttered a low cry; even a bird's note had power to trip their nervous tension.
  • litters Immediately it was dispatched Muley-Hassan gave the order to advance and his ragged followers, carrying the worst wounded in improvised litters , set out toward the northwest.

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