What is the correct spelling for LITYYLE?

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Correct spellings for LITYYLE

  • belittle For without going to that length of exaggerated praise which some have bestowed-for her own ear, and with an eye to profit-upon Madonna Lucrezia, yet were I less than truthful if I sought to belittle her ample claims to beauty.
  • ladle The conflict of this officer's feelings between joy for his captain's promotion and regret at losing so excellent a friend was far beyond description; but, as the moment of parting approached, he selected what he considered most valuable, and so earnestly did he press Captain Saumarez to accept some testimonial of his esteem, that, finding a refusal would deeply wound his feelings, he accepted a silver ladle marked with his initials, which has ever since been carefully preserved in memory of its former owner.
  • laity It cannot be denied that human motives often influence both the laity and the religious, but, divested of faith and the sentiments supplied by even a false belief, their action could not produce in a lasting and persevering manner the extraordinary and striking fact that we witness in Buddhist countries.
  • lately I suppose the times I've been having lately had put it all out of my head, but now, with you here, it's all as though it happened yesterday.
  • liable Liable to start losing the old will-power."
  • libel Thus their description As art is not so bad; but if you seek For truth, it's outright libel .
  • lightly If only it would come lightly or hold another day or two-one night at least.
  • lille By no means a favourite lace at any time, Lille ranks next in merit as a hand-made lace.
  • lillie Elizabeth, Blackwell, H.B., Blaine, Senator James G., Blaine, Mrs. James G., Blair, Senator Henry W., Blake, Lillie Devereux, Blatch, Harriot Stanton, Blatch, Nora Stanton, Blatch, William H., Blavatsky, Mme.
  • lily Everybody is looking out for that," said Lily .
  • lintel Senator Gilman, bowing his head under the low lintel , was coming in.
  • lisle To me, anything is worth doing to escape the cotton stockings and lisle next to your skin.
  • lit Monsieur Roger lit the candle and placed it under the glass globe of the air-pump.
  • lite Lite can find him and bring him home.
  • litre She went elsewhere for her milk and paid a franc a litre for it.
  • litter She entered the litter and sank down among the cushions with a sigh.
  • little "I was worryin' a little ," he said.
  • littler Littler loved Pope, and so did all the Parliamentary Bar, of which he was the acknowledged leader and the respected father.
  • stile Next reaching a fir plantation, he mounted the stile and followed the path into the midst of the darkness produced by the overhanging trees.
  • style The banker's fortune was looking up, and they could live in something of their old style there.
  • tale "She had an interesting tale to tell.
  • tile W., with large brick and tile works, at the foot of a wooded hill.
  • title That isn't the title ?
  • tittle Every tittle related is a fact, and to knew facts is to receive knowledge.
  • tyler Bill Tyler told me about it.
  • Lithely They are strongly and lithely made.
  • Tole "The Missus done tole me two men shot on the Hattie and las' night I dreamed you one of 'em," said he.
  • Italy Won't it be splendid going out to join her in Italy ?
  • Lyle It was about one o'clock in the morning, while we were still there, that Inspector Lyle and the officers from Scotland Yard came to arrest Lord Arthur on the charge of murdering his brother.

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