What is the correct spelling for LLIES?

If you meant to type "llies" but ended up with a wrong spelling, here are a few possible correct suggestions: "lies" or "lilies". The word "lies" refers to false statements, while "lilies" are beautiful flowers. Double-checking spellings can help avoid confusion and ensure accurate communication.

Correct spellings for LLIES

  • ALES I prefer Ales over Lagers.
  • allies The allies fought side-by-side to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny.
  • Bellies During my trip to New York, I visited an acupuncturist who recommended I hips my Bellies.
  • Bullies Some bullies can be really scary.
  • collies Collies are intelligent dogs with a strong herding instinct.
  • dallies I often on my dallies take a walk in the park.
  • Dollies The assistants loaded the heavy boxes onto the dollies to transport them to the storage room.
  • Ellis I prefer the Ellis model to the Dewey model.
  • Fillies The fillies raced across the field, their hooves kicking up dust behind them.
  • fliers The students were given fliers to distribute around the school.
  • flies The sound of buzzing flies filled the air as they swarmed around the garbage bin.
  • Ladies Please either use "ladies" or "women.
  • lairs The bears retreated to their lairs before the winter storm.
  • laius In Latin, laius is a diminutive form of leo.
  • lees The lees at the bottom of the wine barrel should be discarded before bottling.
  • LEIS Drag queen Leis Hart helped kick off the annual parade.
  • Les
  • Levies The government levies a tax on all imports.
  • LIDS I need to find the lids for these containers so I can keep my food fresh.
  • lie It is always better to tell the truth than to tell a lie.
  • liens I have a liens on my car.
  • lies She always tells lies to cover up her mistakes.
  • lieu In lieu of attending the meeting in person, she decided to join via video conference.
  • likes She likes to take long walks in the park every morning.
  • Lilies The sweet scent of the Lilies filled the air.
  • limes The acid in the limes destroyed the paper.
  • LINEs We drew straight lines to make a perfect triangle.
  • Lips I can't believe he just kissed her lips.
  • Lives He lives in a small village near the mountains.
  • Lois Lois gave Clark a nice gift.
  • Luis Luis loves to play baseball.
  • Oles
  • pliers I need pliers to open this clamp.
  • plies She plies her needle with quick flicks.

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