What is the correct spelling for LLYING?

If you meant to type "lying" but accidentally typed "llying", here are a few suggestions to correct the misspelling. Double-check your spelling and ensure you're using the correct vowel combination. Use a spell checker or dictionary to help identify and correct the error.

Correct spellings for LLYING

  • Allaying The teacher made an effort in allaying the concerns of the students before the exam.
  • Alloying Alloying copper with tin creates the alloy bronze.
  • Allying Allying with other countries can help in strengthening one's economy and security.
  • bellying The bellying sails filled with wind as the ship glided across the sea.
  • Belying The happy smile on her face was belying the sadness she felt inside.
  • bullying Bullying should never be tolerated in any form, in any environment.
  • cloying My mother's cloying affection is what led me to leave home.
  • Dallying The two were dallying around in the garden.
  • Flaying The cruel practice of flaying the skin off animals for their fur is banned in many countries.
  • flying The birds were flying gracefully over the ocean.
  • Jellying I am jellying strawberries to make a dessert.
  • jollying We were just jollying around.
  • laying I will be laying the foundation for a new house next week.
  • Levying The townspeople are levying a tax on the businesses in town.
  • ling Ling cod are a popular game fish on the West Coast.
  • lying I was lying in bed trying to fill the time until my friend showed up.
  • playing I was playing the piano all night.
  • Plying I was plying my trade as a street musician.
  • rallying After the team fell behind, the coach gave a motivational speech to get them rallying and pushing towards a comeback.
  • Relying Relying on others for help can sometimes be difficult for independent people.
  • Sallying The sun was Sallying in the sky.
  • slaying The dragon was no match for the knight who was an expert in slaying creatures like this.
  • Sullying The rumor mill has been sullying his reputation for years.
  • Tallying After tallying the votes, the number of votes for each candidate was displayed on the board.