What is the correct spelling for LLYRR?

If you've mistyped "llyrr" and are looking for correct suggestions, consider words such as "lyric", "lorry", "lily" or "lure". These alternatives reflect common usage and may help you find the correct word you were aiming for.

Correct spellings for LLYRR

  • flyer I grabbed a flyer that advertised the upcoming concert.
  • layer I will add another layer of frosting to the cake.
  • LLR LLR is an abbreviation for "Little League Rules."
  • LLRV The LLRV was a Lunar Landing Research Vehicle used by NASA from 1964 to 1969 to prepare astronauts for moon landings.
  • Lyra Lyra is a small constellation in the northern sky.
  • lyre The ancient Greek poet Homer is often depicted holding a lyre.