What is the correct spelling for LOACT?

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Correct spellings for LOACT

  • act "If I had had more experience, I should know how to act better; but I must do the best I can, without the experience.
  • cat And he saw his cat , too.
  • cleat As he said this, Tom Bullover reached up his hand overhead by the door of the galley, above the spot where he was standing, and as our eyes followed his motions we all could see now Sam's banjo hanging on the cleat where it always used to be when the negro cook occupied the caboose, the instrument swinging to and fro as Tom touched it.
  • clot The statement as to the richness in fibres of the blood of bulls and boars has been confirmed by some modern investigations, which have shown that the clot bears a proportion to the strength and ferocity of the animal.
  • clout "I cannot go, for I am ashamed, because I have no good clothes," he said, for his clout was the dried bark of a banana tree.
  • coat Then you'll excuse me if I take off my coat ?"
  • ct The great object I think is that Prussia should if possible, decide on the result of Ct Haugwitz's mission, without giving to the evil councillors of the King of Prussia the advantage of stating to him that this object is precluded for ever.
  • fact I didn't expect you to believe it right away, but it's a fact just the same.
  • gloat He was going to gloat again.
  • goat It was called goat -song because a goat -skin, probably filled with wine, was once given as a prize for it.
  • lac I am Launcelot du Lac ."
  • lack The general lack of confidence pressed heavily upon a man who did not even attempt to take his natural place among his fellow-men.
  • lactic In Portugal, where there isn't so much separating of the sheep from the goats, it takes several weeks for Alemtejos to ripen, depending on the lactic content and difference in sizes.
  • last Ah, and it is my last chance!
  • lat Lat obs'ed, 15 degrees 45 So."
  • late It was rather too late when they let me know they were going.
  • lcd
  • least We never get any to buy; at least very little.
  • load I felt as though I had a greater weight to support, and compare the work to carrying a heavy load up a long flight of stairs.
  • local I shall have to read all the important new books, and attend the Private Views, and examine the working local government; bless you!
  • locate Could it be that Kristen was the mysterious missing patient Stone was trying to locate and interview?
  • located Have you got him located too?"
  • locator Nip Spazoni reported boarding the Javelin, and then went searching the area where he thought you'd been hunting, picked up your locator signal, and found the Javelin on the bottom with her bow blown out and the boat berth open and the boat gone.
  • lock The two men gazed at each other without speaking, and then Mr. Wilks, stepping over to the door, turned the key in the lock .
  • locket So we walked on, and she holding fast by my hand, asked me about my country, my parents, and if the hair in the locket were my own.
  • loco "You feel that you stand in loco parentis-I believe that's the correct phrase-but in one way it doesn't seem to apply.
  • locust Doubtless by these indications my lord's locust -like intelligence will already have leapt to an inspired understanding of the full project?"
  • loft I had already put my church bells in a loft , and I showed them to him, and said, 'There they are.
  • loot Incidentally, the room had been found to contain a great amount of loot stored up by Starr's organization.
  • lost My hand was lost in the great hand.
  • lot "I think we'll not see any more of that lot .
  • lout That lout ; that awkward simpleton, who owed him everything!
  • oct My good man, it's Oct avius Quirk you should go to!
  • pact The fall of the Median dynasty, with which the royal house of Lydia had been in close alliance since the Halys pact , was a disaster which Croesus, now king of Sardes in the room of Alyattes, was rash enough to attempt to repair.
  • react The failure to react does not necessarily imply absence of tuberculosis.
  • tact He was very angry, too angry to act with tact and good judgment.
  • locates This stock he always locates right at the door of his den to avoid long winter hauls.
  • LC
  • LT After lunch I met Lt .
  • LDC
  • LSAT
  • LOTT She had held so aloof of late that her trouble, never generally known, was nearly forgotten in Marlott.
  • legit The charts? Legit Either work hard or you might as well quit – U Can't Touch This by mc hammer
  • agapai

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