What is the correct spelling for LOGING?

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Correct spellings for LOGING

  • flogging I asked Larry how Hoolan was going on after his flogging.
  • going He won't say what he is going to do.
  • lagging The fact that a few established old veterans of society insist upon "lagging superfluous on the stage" should not deter ladies who entertain from being true to the ideas of the best society, which certainly are in favor of chaperonage.
  • legging By the time he was ready for another shot, our two friends were legging it across the plain as fast as their ponies could gallop.
  • legion At first sight it seemed as if the snow had suddenly revealed the presence of a legion of rabbits where previously no one had suspected the existence of more than a dozen.
  • liking And you ended by liking it?
  • ling I think the present system in Shetland has done better for the fishermen than any new system would do which could be brought in; and I think I know about it, because I have been at the ling-fishing for fifty-four years.
  • locking They had been silent for some moments, when at last he ventured: "Me give fatha four dolla"-and here he indicated the number with his two hands, the finger with the cream locking those of the other hand-"and one blanket."
  • lodging For the best part of an hour Gertrud and I went from one hotel to another, from one lodging-house to another.
  • logan Logan, lifting his shoulders with his laugh, looked toward his companions for an answer to his joke.
  • logging But isn't it cheaper to give him his price on Squaw Creek timber than go logging in the San Hedrin and have to build twenty miles of logging railroad to get your logs to the mill?
  • loin About Ware we overtook Mr. Blayton, brother-in-law to Dick Vines, who went thenceforwards with us, and at Puckeridge we baited, where we had a loin of mutton fried, and were very merry, but the way exceeding bad from Ware thither.
  • long How long have you had it?"
  • longing She let it be known to Cuchulainn that she was Liban, and that she was longing for him to go with her to the Plain of Delight to fight against Labraid's enemies.
  • looking "I'm looking after her myself.
  • losing No one is sure of finding work; no one is sure of not losing it.
  • lounging When Lenore had crossed the oat-field she discovered a number of strange men lounging in the scant shade of a line of low trees that separated the fields.
  • loving Just the fact that he has a big, loving daughter is enough return for him."
  • Clogging You may cause a headache by clogging the blood stream through overeating, or you may cause it by eating small quantities of food, if those foods are unbalanced, and do not contain the mineral elements necessary to the making of normal blood.
  • Leaguing The other was Mignard-so illustrious by his pencil: he had an only daughter-perfectly beautiful: she is repeated in several of those magnificent historical pictures which adorn the grand gallery of Versailles and its two salons, and which have had no slight share in irritating all Europe against the King, and in leaguing it still more against his person than his realm.
  • Loping She halted at the door and watched, and when the moving object resolved into a horse, loping swiftly, she strained her eyes toward it.
  • Lowing It is a very sad sight, the plaintive lowing of the poor mother as she follows behind begging for her child to be restored.
  • Lugging Lugging the baby to the window, she scrambled over the sill.
  • Lunging My mind kept wandering from the lunging figures on the edge of the cliff to a vision of Lalage in a dark green dress speeding along the road on her bicycle.
  • kluging
  • Blogging They are the organisers of blogging and social media awards in Ghana.