What is the correct spelling for LOOST?

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Correct spellings for LOOST

  • boost And she's got stung, too, in a way, because I'm pretty sure she married him mostly because she thought he was going to be the next big man in the play-writing business and could boost her up the ladder.
  • laos He accordingly reduced with astonishing rapidity the kingdoms of the Lanjaoes, Laos , Jangomas, and others, who like his own dominions were tributary to Pegu.
  • last The last one, I mean.
  • least I'm sure I don't care in the least to hear him, and I have enough to do without going there.
  • lest One little incident I must, however, mention, lest his fancy should not suggest it.
  • list I have not as yet a single name, as I told your lordship; but I expect to have a list of the most forward men in it, and some other papers connected with the plot, in two or three days.
  • locust I cannot bear that querulous eloquence which threatens every city with a siege like that of Jerusalem, that makes famine attend on every flight of locust , and suspends pestilence on the wing of every blast that issues from the south.
  • loos La Bassee bassay' La Cour de Soupir coor-de-soopee' La Fere fair La Fere-Champenoise la fair'-shan-pe-nwahz' Le Ferte Gaucher go-shay' La Ferte Milon la fert-meelohng' La Ferte-sous-Jouarre la fer-tay'-soo'-zhoo'-ar' La Fontaine-aux-Charmes fonten-o-sharm Lagny lan-yee' Landrecies lan-dres-see' Langres lan'gr Languion lan-ge-on' Laon laun Lassigny lass-in-yee' Latisana la-te-sah'na Laventie la-vong-tee' Laversine la-ver-seen' Le Cateau catto' Le Catelet le cat-lay' Le Chatelet luh-shat-lay' Le Chesne luh-shane' Le Mesnil mez-neel' Le Nouvion luh-noo-veeohng' Le Ployron le-plwah-rohng' Le Quesnoy le ka-nwah' Le Thillot le-tee-yoh' Le Thiolet le-tee-olay' Legnago la-nyah'go Lemberg (or Lwow) lem'berk Lendmara lend-mah'ra Lens lans Les Esparges lays es-parzh' Leuze lez Levico la'vee-ko Liancourt le-an-koor' Liart lee-ahr' Libau lee'bou Liege lee-ezh' Lierre le-air' Ligny len-yee' Ligny-en-Barrois len-yee'-an'-ba-rwah' Lille (or Lisle) leel Livenza (river) le-vent'sah Locon lo-kohng' Locre loke' Lodz (or Lodz) lodz; looj Lomza lom'zha Longarone lon-gah-ro'nay Longwy lon-vee' Loos lohs Lorraine (or Lothringen) lo-rain' Losnitza lozh-nee'tsa Lothringen (or Lorraine) lot'ring-en Loetzen loet'sen Louvain loovang' Lublin (or Lyublin) lyoo'blyen Ludihorecza loodihor'etcha Luneville lue-nay-veel' Lutzy (or Lutsk) lootsk Luxemburg loox'em-boork Lwow (or Lemberg) lvoof Lys (river) lees
  • loose Now loose the hounds.
  • loot It was their own victory which hampered the Germans there: they had dropped their weapons and filled their hands with loot .
  • lose If I lose , I lose .
  • loss Nor was it long before he ascertained his loss .
  • lost He would be lost !
  • lot And that's the lot ."
  • lots I think it's lots of fun.
  • lout Trust Henri then for being a lout , a simple fellow who spoke only Flemish-but could hear in many tongues.
  • lowest "Your father wished to know the lowest price, and I am asking no more than is right.
  • lsd
  • lust
  • lusty
  • roost
  • soot
  • Loosed He then loosed his hold upon the smiling poet, and sprang to the writing-table.
  • Lois Primrose followed Aunt Lois in a spell of wonderment.
  • Leos Richard Johnston: Hill Country Troubadour (2005), directed by Max Shores, Alabama PBS, featuring an interview with Burnside and information about the Holly Springs music communityBig Bad Love (2001), directed by Arliss Howard, with soundtrack songs by Bur
  • loots Glyptholaspis baichengensis Ma, 1997 Glyptholaspis cariasoi de-Jesus & Rueda, 1990 Glyptholaspis confusa (Foà, 1900) Glyptholaspis filipponii Roy, 1988 Glyptholaspis fimicola (Sellnick, 1931) Glyptholaspis indica Roy, 1988 Glyptholaspis orientalis Iavorschi, 1980 Glyptholaspis pontina Filipponi & Pegazzano, 1960 Glyptholaspis thorri van-Driel, Loots & Marais, 1977 Glyptholaspis wuhouyongi Ma, 1997 Gonatothrix G.
  • LSAT
  • LOTT Cody was named to the 2009 Lombardi Award, Lott Trophy, and Outland Trophy pre-season watch lists.
  • LOWS Scott, Captain, 180. Seven Lows , 27. Shakerley, Sir Geoffrey, 159. Ship Canal, 12, 205-6.
  • loosest If, on the other hand, the Commonwealths possess such power, the system is the loosest form of confederation, an international league.
  • louts I don't think louts like that can be very much in love to signify.

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