What is the correct spelling for LORED?

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Correct spellings for LORED

  • Blared The sirens blared as the ambulance rushed through traffic.
  • bored I'm so bored that I'm counting the minutes until this meeting is over.
  • colored She colored the picture with a green crayon.
  • cored She was wearing a tight red dress with a cored neckline.
  • flared The hem of her pants flared outwards, giving a retro feel to her outfit.
  • floored I was absolutely floored by the stunning sunset over the ocean.
  • floret The broccoli floret was small and tender, perfect for roasting.
  • florid The florid painting of the sunset spread across the sky left the audience in awe.
  • Floured The baker floured his hands before kneading the bread dough.
  • Glared I glared at him when he said that.
  • Gloried Her death gloried her husband's memory.
  • Gored The gored ox is a warning to farmers of the danger of being attacked by a bull.
  • labored The labored breathing told of the pain he was in.
  • lard I like to cook with lard.
  • laredo I'm headed to Laredo for a few days of sun and relaxation.
  • led She led the group to victory with her strong leadership skills.
  • Leered She leered at him as he sped past.
  • lied She lied about her age to get the job.
  • Lire Le taux de change entre l'euro et la lire turque est souvent volatil.
  • load We need to load the ships with supplies.
  • lobed The lobed leaves on the cactus were interesting.
  • lode A large vein of gold was discovered near the lode.
  • loire I love visiting the Loire Valley as it's such a picturesque area.
  • Loped Loped across the field.
  • Lora I don't know anyone named Lora but I've heard it's a beautiful name.
  • lord Will you marry me, lord?
  • Lorded The king lorded over his subjects with an iron fist, demanding absolute obedience and loyalty.
  • lore Folklorists study lore to learn about our culture.
  • loren
  • Loretta My grandmother used to tell me about Loretta, a woman who could see Fairies.
  • Lori Lori is an accountant and she loves crunching numbers.
  • Lorie I met Lorie at the grocery store.
  • lorre I played with my lorre in my room.
  • loud The kids were so loud during the movie that everyone in the theater could hear them.
  • loved He loved spending time with his family.
  • Lowed
  • lowered The car was lowered on a set of crutches.
  • Loyd Loyd is excited to start working at his new job next week.
  • lure I'm going to lure her in with some food.
  • Lured The snake lured the small animal into its trap.
  • lurid The lurid details in the novel made it difficult to put it down.
  • lyre often seen as a symbol of peace, the lyre is also a tool of beautiful music.
  • Oared The fisherman oared his boat out to the middle of the lake.
  • Pored He pored over the novel for hours, completely engrossed in the story.
  • red I need to get a new shirt for my red dress.

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