What is the correct spelling for LOWOD?

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Correct spellings for LOWOD

  • bowed He set the door open, and bowed Northwick in. High upon a hill far away from the dusty crowd is a boy With his eyes on the ground, his head is bowed He's a fool and his mind is filled with hopeless – Falling Of The Rain by Billy Joel
  • cowed Last of all came a couple whom the villagers eyed yet more eagerly than the bride and bridegroom: a fine old gentleman, who looked round with keen glances that cowed the conscious scapegraces among them, and a stately lady in blue-and-white silk robes, who must surely be like Queen Charlotte.
  • lewd For I will speak; thy lewd and impious speech Has broken all the bonds of reticence. Getting lewd With his food – If You're Into It by flight of the conchords
  • lido These spoiled birds that flutter about the Square have no spirit in them, and I doubt if one of them could carry a message even from the Lido !
  • load A load left my spirits as the door closed behind me. Forget who you are, unburden your load, forget in six weeks you'll be back on the road. – Freeze Your Brain by Unknown Author
  • loanword Heroic tenor calques Heldentenor Intelligence quotient calques Intelligenzquotient Loan translation calques Lehnübersetzung Loanword calques Lehnwort Overman and superman (i.
  • lobed Leaves thick; upper surface light green, dull, smooth; lower surface bronze, downy; leaf not lobed , terminus acute; petiolar sinus wide; basal and lateral sinus very shallow when present; teeth shallow.
  • lode In the first place, however, he must find the lode , and he was glad to think it lay within a week's march from camp.
  • loot In the night they would drive their loot in, and the law was helpless in dealing with them.
  • lord But thank the Lord we've got him away from all that.
  • loud There was another pause, broken by Gartram saying suddenly, in a loud , sharp voice,- "Well?"
  • loved From the first moment I loved her, of course.
  • lower Jacqueline's head was bent lower .
  • ludo De ludo scacchorum was created somewhere after 1499, when they both fled from Milan to Mantua (after the former was invaded by Louis XII of France), where they were protected by the chess-loving Isabella dEste, to whom the manuscript is dedicated.
  • owed If, for the sake of those to whom he owed his best possession, he must surrender the rest, it was his duty to bear fate patiently.
  • plowed It plowed through the solid rock, and up-into a burst of light.
  • plywood Blades (also known as paddles or wings) usually made from wood, plywood , iron, aluminium, MDF or plastic Blade irons (also known as blade brackets, blade arms, blade holders, or flanges), which hold the blades and connect them to the motor.
  • woad
  • wold
  • wood
  • woody
  • word
  • Flowed The young simple voice flowed on, with its simple story and its note of enthusiasm, and sometimes of humour.
  • Glowed The Major's round, red face glowed with welcome.
  • Loped They were not particularly afraid, so they loped easily in high-bounding leaps, their ears erect.
  • Lowed Very soon Bellew was shaved, and dressed, and going down stairs he let himself out into the early sunshine, and strolled away towards the farm-yard where cocks crew, cows lowed, ducks quacked, turkeys and geese gobbled and hissed, and where the Waggoner moved to and fro among them all, like a presiding genius.
  • Rowed Accordingly on the following day we rowed to the spot, carrying with us the stolen property.
  • Slowed She stopped running when she caught sight of him, and slowed down to a walk.
  • Towed They sat very silent, and the men on the path towed them swiftly along.
  • Vowed "I'll bet I don't miss it coming back," I vowed.
  • Wooed
  • Elwood She went downstairs to wait for Mrs. Elwood .
  • Lockwood In fact, though, as vice-chairman of its board James C. Lockwood was in charge of the Trust Company.
  • Loyd It may, indeed, be affirmed, without fear of contradiction, that legislation arranged in the interest of a certain class, first by Lord Liverpool in this country, and again by Sir Robert Peel at the instigation of Mr. Jones Loyd and other wealthy bankers, which was supplemented recently by simultaneous anti-silver legislation in Berlin and Washington at the instance of the great financial houses-this legislation has about doubled the burden of all national debts by an artificial enhancement of the value of money.
  • Linwood It was big George Linwood .
  • Lowe Sir Hudson Lowe also felt this, and remarked, like Sir George Cockburn, on more than one occasion, that he always found Napoleon himself more reasonable than the persons about him.
  • mowed Do you believe that the crippled veteran, North or South, now passionately loves the adversary who robbed him of his glorious youth, made him a feeble ruin, and mowed down his comrades with swift death?
  • who'd I think if Philip had married any other woman than she-a woman more like the rest of us who'd have gone with her time,-I could have forgiven him more easily.
  • wowed
  • sowed In truth the seed which he sowed has fallen upon evil soil; his fate has been a cruel one.

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