What is the correct spelling for LR?

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Correct spellings for LR

  • ar And you that ar herars therof also I pray Where as ye knowe that ye be of this sorte: Amende your lyfe and expelle that vyce away.
  • br 113. Hypoestes verticillaris, R.Br.
  • cr By C. T. Millis, M. I. M. E. Cr . 8vo. 3s. 6d.
  • er You-er-must have known that it would-er-be missed."
  • fr We had company at dinner-heavy expenses the 30th, 55 fr .
  • hr Prototypical barium stars include zeta Capricorni, HR 774, and HR 4474.
  • ir The first generic version of Adderall IR was introduced to market in 2002.
  • kr Boundaries: abolished, Ba. 127, 137 no economic, Kr . 158 see Areas
  • la He held in his hand La Gazette Officielle.
  • lb It is salted, and packed in large pots, and even barrels, for the sake of exportation; and not less than 50,000 lb .
  • le My name is Balin le Savage.
  • li 53; Talmud Leshon Russiah, Vilna, 1825; Moda' li -Bene Binah, ibid.
  • lp Many works were recorded for the LP to include Charles Ives songs.
  • lu Where were their papa and mamma and dear Aunt Lu ?
  • or 4322, 4326. 2845 Or .
  • pr PR. PR. Pr aefectus pr aetorii, Pr opraetor.
  • ur They are generally joined to Ur , by which that element is denoted.
  • yr Grotesque Ghosts-The Phantom Horseman-Gigantic Spirits-The Black Ghost of Ffynon yr Yspryd-Black Men in the Mabinogion-Whirling Ghosts-Antic Spirits-The Tridoll Valley Ghost-Resemblance to Modern Spiritualistic Performances-Household Fairies 174
  • zr Our Classics: updates on classic cars owned by members of the Classic Car Weekly team, and contributors including Jon Bentley and Steve Berry Mods and Consequences: a rundown of what modifications can be made to classic cars, focusing on a different model each week £500 Challenge: updates on running a Ford Puma, Mercedes-Benz S-class and MG ZR bought by Classic Car Weekly for £500 each
  • L 5 P. 230, l.
  • Lo 94, 171 Lo Spagna, iii.
  • R Lady R -returned, and resumed her writing.
  • LC The IUCN conservation status of Ophiogomphus bison is "LC", least concern, with no immediate threat to the species survival.
  • LG LG Chocolate (BL20) The original LG Chocolate design LG Chocolate (KV5900), the South Korean Original LG Chocolate LG Chocolate (KG800), the EU LG Chocolate LG Chocolate Platinum (KE800), the EU LG Chocolate Update LG Chocolate (KG810), the EU Original clamshell LG Chocolate LG Chocolate (U830), the EU second clamshell LG Chocolate LG Chocolate (TG800), the Canadian model of the LG Chocolate (A modified version of the EU LG Chocolate) The USA LG Chocolate design LG Chocolate (VX8500), the USA/Canada LG Chocolate LG Chocolate (VX8550), the USA LG /Canada Chocolate Update (The LG Chocolate Spin) LG Chocolate (VX8560), the USA/Canada LG Chocolate³ (clamshell) LG Chocolate (VX8575), the US touch screen version
  • LL 344, 581, 1915. ll.
  • LN Although the black-billed cuckoo is classified as Least Concern (LN) on the IUCN red list, its population is still on the decline.
  • LR 22 LR bullets can easily kill or seriously injure humans.
  • LS Programs included in BusyBox can be run simply by adding their name as an argument to the BusyBox executable: /bin/busybox ls More commonly, the desired command names are linked (using hard or symbolic links) to the BusyBox executable; BusyBox reads argv to find the name by which it is called, and runs the appropriate command, for example just /bin/ls after /bin/ls is linked to /bin/busybox.
  • LT On it was scribbled in pencil, back-hand wise, Lt .
  • RR -RR in contact all round; first brachial usually quadrangular.
  • NR Floropoulos, D (2009) Still Blind, in Encyclopaedia Metallum Della Gioppa, G (2005), Still Blind, in Italian Metal Legion – 1980–1991 – The Days of Dream, Andromeda Relix Edizioni Franceschini, C (2005), Keine Lemmynge, Neue Südtiroler Tageszeitung Schäfer, W (2000), Whales, Rock Hard Deutschland, Nr .
  • TR Gospel: LXXXI Sources: Fu-Pen-Hing-tsi-King, tr. by S. Beal Parallelisms: -
  • SLR SLR is Tandberg Datas name for its line of high-capacity QIC data cartridge drives.
  • QR Widdo Durrat 200 Day Alexander Maj. Beverley Qr 300 Doe Wm. 300 Dilliard Nicho.
  • GR They'se a gr-reat dale iv cholery infantum an' a few deleeryam thremens.
  • abbes