What is the correct spelling for LREMAIN?

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Correct spellings for LREMAIN

  • crewman Technically, he was a crewman , just as I was a scientist; but actually, he felt more like one of us.
  • dreaming What is he dreaming of?
  • fireman She described the locomotive, the engineer leaning out of its window, and the sweating fireman who shoveled coal into its hungry vitals.
  • foreman Of this body I was a member and its foreman .
  • framing "Aunt Charlotte was saying that it's no good being married unless you submit to your husband," said Katharine, framing her aunt's words into a far more definite shape than they had really worn; and when she spoke thus she did not appear at all old-fashioned.
  • freeman Some receive theirs from the proprietors of the land, as Smallbrook street, Freeman street, Colmore street, Slaney street, Weaman street, Bradford street, and Colmore row.
  • lamina The same distribution of weight also places the foot in a position of greatest expansion, thus, by giving greater room to the diseased parts, again affording relief of pressure on the inflamed lamina , while it at the same time relieves of weight the foremost portions of the sensitive sole.
  • laramie Leaving Fort Laramie , we now entered the Black Hills country.
  • lawman So, amid heavy sobs, the aged Lawman -he who was the chief man of the Council-rose up to pronounce the Princess's doom.
  • layman As regards the nature of these unconscious wishes, it seems to me-though as a layman I speak with diffidence-that many psycho-analysts are unduly narrow; no doubt the wishes they emphasize exist, but others, e.
  • lemming Everywhere were seen the traces of the fox and the lemming .
  • lemon A watch and chain with eleven links-the mystic number of the Punch staff-is handed over to Mark Lemon .
  • lemony At times, as he rode through some opening where the sun beat down heavily, there was the pungent, lemony , resinous odour of the pines wafted to his nostrils, and once it was so strong that the doctor pulled up to inhale it.
  • limn Had it perchance fallen to thy lot, O my forensic friend, heavy laden with the wisdom of the law, to write tales such as this of mine, how charmingly might not thy characters have come forth upon the canvas-how much more charmingly than I can limn them!
  • lineman He was a lineman for a telegraph company, healthy and strong, used to open-air life and hard work.
  • lorraine On Caxton's death in 1491 his business passed into the hands of his foreman, Wynkyn de Worde, a native of Lorraine .
  • remain You had better read them now, for I cannot say how long it will be best for you to remain here.
  • riemann This edition appeared at Moscow from 1873 to 1876. The twenty-seven studies of Chopin have been separately edited by Riemann and Von Bulow.
  • riming The martial sound with which this distinguished name strikes a modern ear is due to historical association, assisted, as I have somewhere read, by its riming with rapier!
  • romaine The consull might well, and he used it often, to graunte a spoyle to soldiours: but this grauntyng, made no disorder: for that the armie beyng broken all the pray was put in the middest, and distributed by hedde, accordyng to the qualitee of everie man: the which maner thei constituted, to thintente, that the soldiours should attend to overcome, and not to robbe: and the Romaine Legions overcame the enemies, and folowed them not, for that thei never departed from their orders: onely there folowed them, the horsemenne with those that were light armed, and if there were any other souldiours then those of the legions, they likewyse pursued the chase.
  • roman But the line, which I insist upon as of Roman strength, was the closing one of the next sentence.
  • romania E. Philipot in "Romania", xxv.
  • romany There were dark-eyed gypsy maids in gaudy clothing, who gayly jingled their tambourines and wheedled good-natured sightseers into their main tent with extravagant stories of the wonderful Romany dancing girls whose unequaled dancing might be seen for the small sum of ten cents.
  • truman Poor mamma, to think she had to be taken before Truman , junior, was born!
  • Laming Thus I have delayed the deed, hoping I might be new-redeemed, by my own strength, without the laming weakness of enchantment, to see and win the woman of whom my soul has dreamed.
  • Liming During luncheon the conversation turned on provincial cattle shows and competitions, and afterward, while smoking their cigars on the boulevards, the questions of the varied succession of crops, of drainage, and of liming were brought up, and there was a discussion on elections, the opinions of the various departments, and on the candidatures which had been planned, thought of, or attempted at the agricultural meetings.
  • Reaming
  • Roaming I felt caged in but kept roaming Prayed for the Day of Atonement – Things That You Do by jay-z
  • Creaming I wear old kid gloves at night after cold-creaming mine.
  • Lehman
  • Ramon o gordinflon deja en paz a don ramon y anda a comprarte una torta de jamon – Chavo by 6 Voltios
  • Lorena
  • Romano
  • Loraine Our father is Captain Loraine who lives at Uphill, and he's not the person to stand nonsense from you or any other man like you!
  • Lyman
  • Bremen
  • Crimean
  • legman

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