What is the correct spelling for LUDICUS?

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Correct spellings for LUDICUS

  • digs One man goes to the medicine lodge and digs out the smudge place.
  • leviticus In Leviticus you will read that both the man and the woman are to be cast out from their people.
  • litmus The chemical reaction is alkaline, turning red litmus paper blue.
  • locus She had no locus standi for goozling, whatever it was; for had not Sally as good as told her son that she didn't want to marry him or anybody else?
  • lotus The doctor gave a grunt of satisfaction, half an hour later, when, instead of following the windings of this minor stream, the sampan's head was suddenly turned towards a dense mass of tall reeds, and the men paddled with all their might, driving the boat through the water-growth, and after a hundred yards of rough progression, they passed into a large lagoon, dotted with patches of a kind of lotus , and with other water-plants sufficiently beautiful to drive the doctor into raptures.
  • lucas Hither, in 1505, had come a Franconian artist, Lucas Cranach, who had already illustrated some missals for Winterburger of Vienna.
  • ludicrous By a ludicrous counter-play the scoundrel Esterhazy had defenders as an injured innocent, the more so that Henry and the clique at the War Office found it to their interest to support him.
  • Ladies Respectable people don't speak so to ladies.
  • Medics Probably poisoned, Prestonby thought, making a mental note to find out which hospital and get in touch with one of the Literate medics there.
  • Latices
  • Ticks These secondary objections to the presence of ticks on cattle consists in the physical harm they do to the host aside from the production of the specific disease of Texas fever.
  • Tics I have seen these coughs in children in cases where I was sure that they were nothing but tics.
  • lodgers It was a man, one of the upstairs lodgers .
  • docks He picked his way out of the incredible mire of the docks , and crossed over to the cleaner side of the road which extended from Venizelos Street past the Custom House, and which was being extensively remodelled by the army of occupation.
  • ducks I just use it for ducks , close to shore.
  • ledgers It was a little curious, though, that most of the men whose names appeared on John Bill's ledger had accounts against John Bill, and while he frequently turned to their page and showed their balances, they also turned to John Bill's page in their ledgers , and remarked that there was no getting anything out of him.
  • likes Yer knows I likes you as well as anybody.
  • locks "It'll be such a great day," said Mrs. Seal, with a toss of her locks .
  • lacks I know one little lady who lacks in nothing but years.
  • dikes These Dutch painters had taught me to look for dull, dirty skies, soggy wharves, and dismal perspectives of endless dikes .
  • tucks The woman tucks her longer skirt or "tamaine," above her bosom, as you might hitch a bath-towel, and it falls rather tightly to her ankles, and both men and women wear a loose white cotton jacket, which just comes to their waist, with wide sleeves that come below the waist.
  • lunatics It need not be said that men are not such lunatics .
  • LDC
  • LOCOS Is locos est carcer sordidarum animarum.
  • DECS
  • DOCS That's about as near to the truth as the Docs usually gets.
  • DEC'S
  • DIRKS But the arms stacked in silent panoply, or the daggers, dirks and powder flasks, would not suffice to give the collection the answer to the questions it involved.
  • licks From out the marsh, which licks the threshold with seventy tongues, croak well-fed, portly frogs.
  • lodes Several lodes , said to be rich in gold, had recently been discovered, and a nice stream of water ran down the gulch.
  • Luddites The combinations in Nottinghamshire, of persons under the name of Luddites , drove a great number of lace frames from that district, and caused establishments to be formed in Devonshire.
  • medicos The two medicos calmly ignored him.
  • decks Among them was a widow, to whom, for herself and her children, we had offered a large bed, with straw in it, between decks , but which, savage as she was, she had refused, saying she preferred the open air on deck.
  • lutes A very weariness of joy Fell with the evening over Troy: And lutes of Afric mingled there With Phrygian songs: and many a maiden, With white feet glancing light as air, Made happy music through the gloom: And fires on many an inward room All night broad-flashing, flung their glare On laughing eyes and slumber-laden.
  • lurks Moreover, in the custom of speaking from the platform there lurks a danger to the system of cabinet government; for that system is based upon the principle that the initiative in public policy rests with the ministers, and the main issue decided at a general election is whether the cabinet shall remain in power.
  • laddies Hoo's yir laddies , Dominie?
  • lades
  • lyrics Now who's these king of these rude ludicrous, lucrative lyrics Who could inherit the title, put the youth in hysterics – Renegade (Original Underground Version) by Eminem
  • agapai
  • almsperson
  • alsoran
  • baseminded
  • belleslettre
  • belleslettres
  • boogied
  • criss-crosses
  • footnoting

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