What is the correct spelling for LURTHER?

If you find yourself mistakenly typing "lurther" instead of "further", fret not! Here are a couple of sensible corrections. First, you can simply replace the "l" with an "f", making it "further", which means to advance or progress. Alternatively, you can opt for a more accurate variation by typing "latter", referring to the second of two mentioned options.

Correct spellings for LURTHER

  • further We need to investigate further to find out the cause of the issue.
  • lather I worked up a lather while scrubbing the dishes in the sink.
  • leather She wore a leather jacket to keep warm in the chilly weather.
  • Lither As a snake, he moved lither and more graceful than any human ever could.
  • loather
  • lurker A lurker is someone who engages in passive or covert observation.
  • luther Luther published his 95 theses in 1517.