What is the correct spelling for LUT?

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Correct spellings for LUT

  • but But when father heard what she had done I know that he felt exactly as if he had been stabbed in one of his tenderest places. And now you find you got nothing but How can a body move the speed of light And still find itself in such a rut? You can't say it but I know it's in there – Spider In The Snow by Dismemberment Plan
  • cut We cut out, and moved up to the harricane, where we stop'd for the night. I need some feedback, but all the lines are cut I get so angry but I keep my mouth shut – Face Up by rush
  • glut And of such there is here enough to glut the gorge of all the monks in monkery, or strengthen for a forty days' fast any brutallest unwashed theomaniac of the Thebaid.
  • gut Accordingly, one fine morning in May, Counsellor Flooswyk, being on board a war vessel convoying some empty transports from Ostend, observed signs of mischief brewing as he sailed past the Gut of Sluys; and forthwith gave notice of what he had seen to Admiral Joost de Moor, commanding the blockading squadron. Miss I'll pipe you til you get a pain in yo gut The kid'll be responsible for changin yo strut – Take You Home by fabolous
  • hut The birds had now nothing to fear from the propinquity of the hut . We'll settle down in a bamboo hut And he will be my own little coconut – Pineapple Princess by Annette
  • jut He therefore set his jaw firmly and made its upper angles jut sharply through his clean-shaven cheeks.
  • lat Ye maunna lat it oot."
  • let You must let me speak! i know you wanna cross the line 2x but i can't let you i know you wanna cross the line 2x but i just met you – Cross the Line by Hazell Dean
  • lit I groped my way to the table and lit the candle again; then wrapped my dressing-gown round me, and sat shuddering near the light, to watch the weary hours out till morning. There shall you all silent sit, Till, when perchance the lamp is lit – Go, Little Book - The Ancient Phrase by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • lot You've no idea what a lot you'll understand before you've done here." Had I never thought That the crime of being born Blackens all our lot? But where the crime's committed – Consolation by William Butler Yeats
  • lout His contempt was unveiled, for the country lout who had shown himself a coward had dared to raise his eyes to the one star in Daddy John's firmament. He thought he'd had it figured out But after 6 months living with this chick she's turned into a lout – He Likes Them Airbrushed by Bromheads Jacket
  • lu "Well, I'm glad you are so happy to see me, dear," said Aunt Lu . Boo, get you and Sue, Tisha and Lu Lu Get a twelve pack of skins, so I can run through ya whole crew – Naughty Eye by timbaland
  • lug "Say," drawled Sparrer scornfully, "do 'youse tink we had nothing to do but to pick up a ton or two of scrap and lug it 'round?"
  • lust And within, with set teeth and a knife in the bosom of her blouse bodice, Sera panted with the lust of Hate and Revenge. Betrayed by lust We lied to each other so much That in nothing we trust Time and again – Trust by megadeth
  • lute Take my lute , and let us hear a graceful inspired song."
  • nut On the spot a fine nut -tree sprang up, on which the bird rested; then it took them home, where they found their child grown tall and beautiful, and they lived happily till the end. They hit us off wit tha tongue fo tha nut licks And follow through to duck6 and butt licks – Who Are You Lovin by Ice Cube
  • out Out with it,-where is he? But you, perhaps, would have me guess it out. What, hath some Hengist like that Saxon stout – A Dialogue between Old England and New by Anne Bradstreet
  • put It would be dreadful to have the name of Clemmens put on my tombstone!
  • rut It shows that when we choose to get out of our rut we shall always find life as fresh and delightful as ever.
  • ult On the 29th ult . the Spanish Ambassador communicated to me the desire of his Court that I would return to Madrid, and there complete the treaty, for that in their opinion, it ought to be concluded either at Madrid or at Philadelphia.
  • ut Ut primum alatis tetigit magalia plantis.
  • Luz But later, at the Hotel de Luz , untouched yet by the hand of imported cupidity, my happiness in Havana returned.
  • Tut "Tut-tut; we are all unworthy, cross our arms, bow our heads; and accept the honours.
  • LT Berryman, 70. Scott, William Henry, 79. Scott, Lt .
  • FUT Sa mort fut longue et douloureuse.

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