What is the correct spelling for MAGES?

If you're constantly misspelling "mages", fear not! Here are some helpful suggestions to get it right: "mages", "magus" or "magese" could be possible correct spellings. Remember to double-check before finalizing your text to ensure accuracy. Happy spelling!

Correct spellings for MAGES

  • ages Please give me your ages.
  • cages I can hear the birds singing in the cages.
  • images The article contained disturbing images of the aftermath of the natural disaster.
  • maces As a medieval weapon, maces were often used by knights and soldiers to crush armor and inflict damage on their enemies.
  • MACS The Macs in the office run Windows 10.
  • MAGS I always keep a few extra MAGS in my backpack when I go to the shooting range.
  • magus The magus studied the arcane symbols with interest.
  • makers The makers of this product thoroughly tested it before releasing it to the market.
  • makes The new software makes it so much easier to manage inventory.
  • Males Only males are allowed to join the fraternity.
  • Manes The manes of the horse were blowing in the wind as it galloped past us.
  • MARES The farmer had a herd of mares that he used for horseback riding tours.
  • marks He received high marks on his math test.
  • mates John and his mates went fishing last weekend.
  • mazes The mazes at the amusement park are quite interesting.
  • MEGS They are looking for MEGS.
  • merges The highway merges with the interstate just ahead.
  • midges The water was stained with midges.
  • MIKES Mikes's voice is so loud that he can wake up the entire neighborhood.
  • mugs I love using my collection of mugs for different hot beverages.
  • PAGES I have read over 100 pages of my favorite book already.
  • Rages The storm rages outside my window, shaking the house with every thundering boom.
  • sages The sages of the village were sought after for their wisdom and advice.
  • wages After the workers went on strike, the company agreed to increase their wages.