What is the correct spelling for MAIRAGE?

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Correct spellings for MAIRAGE

  • barrage I saw two waves of infantry advancing against the enemy's trenches, preceded by our barrage of field-guns.
  • bringing heel
  • carriage Won't you let me send the carriage for you some evening when I am not going out?
  • cure all
  • garage For five or ten minutes, as Collingham smoked his morning cigar while visiting the stables, the garage, and the kitchen garden, the natural man tried to raise his voice.
  • Madge Fenmarket admired Madge more than it was admired by her in return, and she kept herself very much to herself, notwithstanding what it considered to be its temptations.
  • manage How on earth did you manage it?
  • mara The only thing that makes me feel in the least sceptical is that La Mara,-the pen name of a writer on musical subjects,-translated these letters into German.
  • maraca Davey was thrashing in the water, his face swollen and bloody, his eyes rattling like dried peas in a maraca.
  • mare My father was a mare in Cork.
  • marge Now at the ebb of the tide the dark people that dwelt upon the marge of the sea fared shorewards and found the blue-eyed mariners lying dead beside their vessel; and they, marvelling greatly what manner of men these might have been, took counsel among themselves and decided to bestow upon them the last rites of the dead.
  • Margie You ride slow, Margie, and we'll hurry along.
  • Margo The name is, I am informed, derived from the Latin word margo, meaning the limit.
  • maria If that foolish girl of ours, Maria, could only have brought herself to listen to Robinson," he worked himself up into a fresh access of vexation, "the liking would have come in good time.
  • marian Marian left the room with it, and Beth began to pout, whereupon Mrs. Davenport said: "Beth, you are so set upon having your own way, I hardly know what to do with you."
  • Marianne Call Marianne and let her shove the table up to the sofa here-one corner of it.
  • Marie It may not be a good plan, but there have been some famous old maids,-Queen Elizabeth, for instance,-while poor Marie Stuart began with husbands early and lost her head.
  • marine These wounded men were brought to the marine hospital, and received every possible attention.
  • marriage I need not mention one of the conditions,-a formal consent to his marriage with Miss Martin!
  • Marriages You must have heard of marriages being annulled?
  • massage You get to massage my feet for that comment, dearest.
  • Maura August 1850, at Santa Maura.
  • Mauriac
  • Mayra
  • merge The moon was just high enough to cause deep shadows to fall across the roadway and merge into fantastic shapes as the machine approached and passed over them.
  • midge These have never bothered us before, and I doubt if I ever saw a midge on Gallipoli before.
  • Mira The variable in Cetus received the name of Mira, or the wonderful.
  • miracle And now let us contrast this miracle with the first of the New Testament.
  • mirage She saw through her tears the sweet mirage of home, and her heart rebelled against the prison where she lay.
  • mirages I knew that I had encouraged the delusion of my Eskimos that the mirages and low-lying clouds which appeared almost daily were signs of land.
  • mire He said he dreaded the mire of publicity for the sweetest creature on earth.
  • Moira Moira didn't tell him.
  • moire There she stood, with that wedding-dress of white moire antique a-sweeping down her tall figure, and lying behind her like ridges of snow on the carpet.
  • rage The very last thing he could remember was Hooty's fierce scream of rage and disappointment.
  • triage