What is the correct spelling for MAKAE?

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Correct spellings for MAKAE

  • bake Bake in a quick oven.
  • cake And I'm sure the judge will like your cake , too."
  • fake "There is a slight difference," I admitted, "but I really can't honestly say I see any sufficient ground for putting this down as a fake .
  • hake Hake, also, are present from June to September, but this excellent fish is held of little account by local fishermen.
  • lake They turned off sharply to the left, and either crossed the lake or went around the other side, and came out upon the river farther down."
  • ma'am "As nice a young man as ever you'd wish to see, ma'am .
  • mac Don't think about that, Mac , father will attend to everything."
  • macao Morton, on landing, informed her that the ship would get under weigh the next morning at day-break, and that it would be most advisable, as the ship could approach no nearer than five miles to the town when beating out of the bay, to go on board as soon as possible that evening, to which she, of course, assented, and, having taken an affectionate leave of her Macao friends, who insisted upon supplying her with "sea-stores" enough to fit out half a dozen sail of Liverpool packets, she accompanied Morton to the boat.
  • macaw Several trees floated on the borders covered with water-fowl, among which were many ducks and ciganas, while amid the lofty branches of the living forest flew numerous macaw s of a red, green, and yellow species, and one of the small flock of the still more beautiful blue macaw , appeared to add their lovely tints to the landscape.
  • mace As I spoke I selected a heavy mace for only weapon, and swinging it to my shoulder I stepped to the door.
  • mack "Pull out that table, Mack ; and you, there, bear a 'and to 'elp 'im, 'Enery.
  • made I don't know what made me do that.
  • mag "Wisht I had a Hamberger," said Mag .
  • magi The Magi , according to Aristotle, were prior even to the Egyptians: and with the antiquity of the Egyptians, we are well acquainted.
  • make Then Soames had to make sure he had it right.
  • maker Now at Maker , near Plymouth.
  • male You are the only male being, except my father, who has ever been admitted here.
  • mama Ma great, Mama mother.
  • manage "Then I'll manage it.
  • mane Here and there, though, when they had passed the common, and were ascending the hills, the man took hold of the pony's mane , and trudged by the side; and during these times Oldroyd learned all about the fight in the fir wood.
  • mange How many persons does the quantity of Blanc Mange above serve?
  • mara And Naomi said: Call me not Naomi; call me Mara , for the Lord has made my life bitter.
  • marc The chief subject of this correspondence was the fever-hospitals preparing at Saint Marc , as at all the other towns on the coast, for the reception of the sick whites.
  • mare The thorough-bred mare stepped out and cleared the roadway; the shop and the little excited man at its door were in the background, and Mattie was being whirled along to Mr. Wesden's house.
  • marge But Marge did not really have a strong reason to live.
  • mark Get out of here before I-" "We'll mark you, too, Mister Dorn, and your wheat-fields," snapped Glidden.
  • marker He uses the sipos simply as a kind of marker on the abacus.
  • markka
  • marque What protection is afforded by letters of marque and reprisal?
  • mate I told the mate , and he went and called the captain.
  • maya Goodman, in his elaborate and valuable book on the Maya Inscriptions, has made up his Tables on the supposition that the beginning day of the month was not called Day 1, but Day 20, giving the day this number because in his view the Maya s counted the number of days which had passed and not the current or passing day.
  • maze He puts his gun over his shoulder, and returns to his pensive contemplation of the glittering green hollies, and the white snow, and the maze of bare branches going up into the blue.
  • mica The coast from here on to Bering Straits is said to be rich in minerals; but although coal was frequently seen cropping out from the cliffs and mica is plentiful, we saw no gold, and only heard on one occasion of the precious metal.
  • mike Folks are mighty good to us, Mike ; have you noticed?"
  • rake He went into the barn and came out again with a big wooden rake .
  • sake Look at this place, for goodness' sake .
  • take Take you with us!
  • wake And-he may not wake up in this world.
  • Madge Madge passed Courthope in silence.
  • Mega
  • Jake "Good-by, Jake ," called the other, and waved. Jungle faced Jake I say make no mistake – Telegram Sam by Marc Bolan
  • Maggie She passed Old Maggie unheeding, severe respectability in every line of her figure, every nod of her purple plumes.
  • McKay You have some idea, I suppose"-this was to McKay -"of the place where Mr. Wilders fell?"
  • Margie Did you know it Margie ?
  • Mae Mae wore her violets to church on Sunday.
  • Maj Cosin Elloees reads S. and H when we get throo the lesson and I think she will be glad Pretty soon and not afrade Grandpa doesn't want her and Ant maj.
  • Mickie Mickie sit down here, now?
  • makes That makes them sadly uncivilised.
  • MK
  • un-fulfilling

12 words made from the letters MAKAE

  • 4 letter words made from MAKAE:

    aake, ekam, emka, kama, keam, maak, make, meka.
  • 3 letter words made from MAKAE:

    aka, kea.
  • 5 letter words made from MAKAE:

    kamae, makea.