What is the correct spelling for MAN?

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Correct spellings for MAN

  • an He is an Englishman, I suppose?
  • ban Marscorp controls enough senators and delegates in the World Congress to block other important projects if the Earth government refuses to co-operate with it, so the government-that is to say, Marscorp-put a ban on the experiments by Hennessey and other scientists here.
  • can How can you know, Minna?
  • fan 9. f - fan .
  • han Eastern Ganga dynasty, I. 30 Han dynasty, II. 27 Monachism, I. 315 Tsin dynasty, III. 251
  • jan When the day came Jan took Ayah to her new quarters in a taxi.
  • lan Dar de pickaninnies 's playin', 'Weh down Souf, An' fur dem I am a-prayin', 'Weh down Souf; An' when I gits sum munny, Yo' kin bet I'm goin', my hunny, Fur de lan ' dat am so sunny, 'Weh down Souf.
  • ma "Yes, ma brethren and sistors.
  • mac An', Mac , as they wus only about fifthy of thim, yez must be a liar."
  • mad What could be more mad and useless than this war?
  • mag For Mag had even more than the usual cowardice of her class.
  • main Hardy, to whom this was addressed, seized the boat-hook, and, standing with one foot in the water, pressed the end of the boat-hook against the gunwale, at the full stretch of his arm, and so by main force, kept the stern out.
  • mam MAM. Above the art of Aesculapius, That drew the envy of the thunderer!
  • man The blind man smiled his thanks and spoke his farewell with meaningless politeness; then, as the physician prepared to see her to her carriage, Miss Moore said: "No!
  • mane The great mane of hair which enveloped her was, as I have said, tawny in hue, and almost translucent, like the stems of some seaweeds I have seen.
  • mann "And he was the murderer," said Mr. Mann .
  • manx Manx men, too, and men from the Scandinavian settlements of Angelsea, Danes under Carle Canuteson, representatives, in fact, of all the old fighting pagan blood were there, and all gathered together to a battle at once of races and of creeds.
  • many Mistakes in this case are as often fallen into as many other; and if the judgment is sudden, the mistakes are the most irretrievable of all others.
  • mao China also implemented policies similar to appropriate technology during the reign of Mao Zedong and the following Cultural Revolution.
  • mar Lord Lennox understood from this address it was the brave Murray who spoke to him; for he had heard sufficient from Sir Roger Kirkpatrick to explain how the Countess of Mar and her patriot husband came within those walls.
  • maw Hunt'n' faw yo' maw , John?
  • may From now on you may rely upon one thing, to a certainty."
  • mean I mean that you have decided to tell the general what he wants to know.
  • men Little jets of dust arose where their bullets struck the ground, men fell around the cannon, and cavalrymen quickly turned and charged toward the spruit.
  • min I'll write and leave you know if there is anything in it, otherwise there's no use getting Min and the girls started talking.
  • mn Burton-Rosenmeier House, Little Falls, MN, listed on the NRHP in Minnesota William H.
  • moan Not a single word, only a savage cry of fury, followed by a piteous moan , had escaped Wolf's lips during this swift deed of violence.
  • mon In case-ah, mon Dieu!
  • nan The mother and father had a sort of bedstead in the corner; but Tom, his grandmother, and his two sisters, Bet and Nan , were not restricted-they had all the floor to themselves, and might sleep where they chose.
  • oman Oman petroleum, copper, asbestos, some marble, limestone, chromium, gypsum, natural gas
  • pan Put a little water in the dripping-pan, and stir it often.
  • van Up to 1856 its name was Van Diemen's land.
  • Dan "Oh, I'm all right, Mother," assured Dan cheerfully.
  • Kan I cannot but think, therefore, that a carved pendant with a serpent effigya kan, worn on a cordkaan, must have been associated by the Mayas with the Heaven or skycaan, and that this linguistic coincidence must have been a strong factor in the development of the symbolism attached to the glyph can or kan.
  • Mun "Happen you wouldn't know it," said Mrs. Whiteside; "he mun be awful altered now."
  • Ian Ian looked up to the sky, and breathed a deep breath.
  • Mai Finally, F. Vercellone has carefully studied the commentaries of Hesychius, Rodolphus, Bruno of Asti, and the publications of Cardinals Mai and Pitra.
  • Mae He had no doubt in his own mind now that the flowers and the note came from Bero and that Mae knew it.
  • Maj All unmindful of this discussion Maj went on eating the bones that had been thrown to him and looking as if he had room for a great many more than were in sight.
  • San He knows I knew you in San Francisco.
  • Mani The recording sessions of "Chronicle" spawned additional contributions from Soulshock & Karlin: Carsten Schack and Kenneth Karlin ("Lonely Days"), James Poyser ("There Goes My Baby"), Mario Barrett ("The Greatest Performer"), Shaffer "Ne-Yo" Smith ("Stay or Go") and The Jam: Michael Mani & Jordan Omley ("My Everything"), but none of the tracks made it to the final cut.
  • MANS Shtop, my mans, shtop!

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