What is the correct spelling for MANAHTTAN?

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Correct spellings for MANAHTTAN

  • andean Subsequent Andean cultures revived these ancient ceramics styles and imagery.
  • canadian It was one of those wonderful Canadian winter days, bright, and with a touch of sharpness in the air that did not chill, but warmed the blood like draughts of wine.
  • canton Under the various governments which followed after the death of Alexander, those landlords remained the real masters of the country, chieftains of clans governing the canton where they had their domains, and, on the outskirts of Armenia at least, they retained the hereditary title of satraps through all political vicissitudes until the time of Justinian, thus recalling their Persian origin.
  • danton If they had known more, they would have known what the volunteers of '92 were and the retreat of Brunswick gained by bribery through Danton and Westermann.
  • maintain Through the world in general, that value is equal to the quantity of labour which it can maintain .
  • manatee The next instant the manatee came to the surface, and as the creature lifted its head Ned threw his lasso over it.
  • mandalay And so Mandalay fell without a shot, and King Thibaw, the young, incapable, kind-hearted king, was taken into captivity.
  • mandarin That place where you say Fu-Manchu was visited by some Chinese mandarin ; where you, Mr. Smith, and-glancing in my direction-you, doctor, were confined for a time- Yes?
  • mandate No imaginary line will ever hold them back, no mandate of any monarch ever can restrain them.
  • manet The balcony scenes of Goya, with their manolas-old-fashioned grisettes-must have stirred Manet ; recall the Frenchman's Balcony.
  • manhattan Though only a step away from the Manhattan Club, few knew where he lived.
  • manitoba The Roman Catholic minority then availed themselves of another provision of the twenty-second section of the Manitoba act, which allows an appeal to the governor-in-council "from any act or decision of the legislature of the province or of any provincial authority, affecting any right or privilege of the Protestant or Roman Catholic minority of the Queen's subjects in relation to education."
  • mantegna Andrea Mantegna was one of these.
  • matting The floor was carpeted with rush matting , loosely woven, with rugs upon it.
  • menhaden The Menhaden or "White fish", so abundantly caught along our Sound coast during the summer months, or any variety of fish may be composted with muck, so as to make a powerful manure, with avoidance of the excessively disagreeable stench which is produced when these fish are put directly on the land.
  • menotti Mrs. Menotti seated herself, saying, "I have not had such help as this in many a year; but, come now, Stineli: sit down, and eat with us."
  • minuteman Now a grandson of Madam Ripley, in the bronze likeness of a minuteman of 1775, stands sentinel at "The Old North Bridge."
  • mitten Hopewell Drugg is as soft as butter; mebbe he loved 'Cinda Stone; anyhow he merried her after he'd got the mitten from Amarilla.
  • monacan "Monsieur le Monacan ," said Haward.
  • monotone This object, as just stated, is generally accomplished by increasing the force of utterance, but sometimes, also, by a change in the inflection, by the use of the monotone , by pause, or by uttering the words in a very low key.
  • monotony After the washed-plate monotony of late evenings he would often pull out of his back pocket a letter that he had read many times before.
  • montanan
  • mountain
  • mundane
  • mutton
  • suntan
  • wanton
  • Emanating And that something emanating from him enveloped her, delicately and yet forcefully, constraining and urging and compelling her to meet his gaze.
  • Managing I had just finished my correspondence, and had dictated a few letters to my managing clerk, when a junior entered with two cards, which he placed before me.
  • Manichean I cannot but think that he who finds a certain proportion of pain and evil inseparably woven up in the life of the very worms, will bear his own share with more courage and submission; and will, at any rate, view with suspicion those weakly amiable theories of the Divine government, which would have us believe pain to be an oversight and a mistake,-to be corrected by and by. On the other hand, the predominance of happiness among living things-their lavish beauty-the secret and wonderful harmony which pervades them all, from the highest to the lowest, are equally striking refutations of that modern Manichean doctrine, which exhibits the world as a slave-mill, worked with many tears, for mere utilitarian ends.
  • Mantling He trembled as he stood and gazed at it, and saw, as in a vision, the perfect form lying there again in his place, and the sweetest face in all the world turned towards him, with a tender smile parting the ripe red lips, a rosy flush mantling in the delicate cheeks, and warm lovelight shining in the deep blue eyes.
  • Manumitting
  • Minting
  • Mindanao
  • Sonatina
  • Anton Seriously though, folks, I hope that with a little fixing up the gentleman will hardly resemble Professor Anton Kell.
  • Santana
  • Manatees The slicks were detrimental to the unique marine life in the vicinity of Bahrain, including coral reefs, sea turtles, dugongs (herbivorous sea mammals similar to manatees), oyster beds, numerous fish species, and water fowl.
  • minuting
  • mandating On June 30, 1984, BFAR was transferred from the Ministry of Natural Resources to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in compliance with Executive Order 967 mandating the conversion of BFAR as a staff Bureau and integrating its Regional Offices with the

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