What is the correct spelling for MANISH?

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Correct spellings for MANISH

  • banish This, however, he was forced to banish , as he well knew that such a thing was impossible.
  • danish It is a Danish measurement.
  • finish "I've looked into every other room in the house, and this is the only one they didn't finish .
  • garnish Pepper well and serve at once with lemon quarters and a garnish of parsley.
  • knish
  • manchu By the uncertain light of a candle lamp that flickered inside the cab, a Manchu shepherd that saw the vehicle pass, where he watched his sheep on the plain in fear of the wolves, for the first time saw evening dress.
  • mania His melancholy deepened almost into mania .
  • maniac I asked; "some natives who want to frighten us, or an unfortunate maniac ."
  • manic So what you thought was a panic Was just your drive now gone manic – Dancefloor by Manic Drive
  • manila
  • manioc Hot manioc cakes are the common every-day accompaniment to a French planter's breakfast at Mauritius, and through the medium of these the Chinese robbed several houses.
  • mannish He did not yield to the mannish loathing for girlish tears that began to seize on him, after the first two or three occasions.
  • manse And there had been no lowering of the dignity of a manse .
  • marsh Reuben and Mike at once plunged into the marsh , and made their way through the rushes.
  • mash A mash with beer in it-by my express orders.
  • mawkish Mawkish sentimentality had no place in her character.
  • modish "I-I-" said Mr. Latz, leaping impulsively forward on the chair that was as tightly upholstered in effect as he in his modish suit, then clutching himself there as if he had caught the impulse on the fly, "I just wish I could help."
  • monkish It is this, which for convenience I will call the "monkish" view of love, which prevents our dealing frankly and honestly with its problems, distinguishing between what is wrong and what is right, and doing anything effective to remedy the evils of marriage-plus-prostitution.
  • mulish Mr. Spokesly, looking still more mulish , said he'd attend to it.
  • munch When you're old, you'll not let slip A chance of happiness so easily: There's not so much of it going, to pick and choose: The apple's speckled; but it's best to munch it, And get what relish out of it you can; And, one day, you'll be glad to chew the core: For all its bitterness, few chuck it from them, While they've a sense left that can savour aught.
  • munich Did you, when you were in Munich , visit the Gallery of Beauties in the Royal Palace?"
  • punish I hereby punish you by prompt departure from Orchard Knob.
  • tarnish Not to pay was to tarnish the name of a Southern gentleman.
  • vanish All her disturbed thoughts seemed quickly to vanish , and she felt as though she could hardly restrain herself from uttering a shout of joy.
  • varnish He had found in the hold some rude native varnish , redolent of crude alcohol, and had brought it up to polish the crude furniture of his hospital; and now he dared not come near it.
  • womanish Here and there is seen an umbrella, but these are not frequent, for it seems to the American a strange and womanish thing to carry an umbrella except for rain; it also requires attention, and takes a man's mind off his business.
  • Mains His mother switched off the electricity at the mains.
  • Manes They stood snarling fiercely, with bristling manes, their narrow-set eyes gleaming in the dusk like sparks of baleful light.
  • Mopish And when it comes to you, allus so cheerful, getting mopish-you, who finds somethin' good in things that others fret at, and makes us warm and comfurble instead o' shivering with fright-why, it's sixes and sevens all a topsy turvy anyhow, and no one to look up to nowhere!"
  • Tanisha
  • Mani And though he tells not his discourse has so many parts, yet it wanted not method, it being mani mum artis celare artem.
  • Manias Charity avoids haughty and contemptuous looks, forewarns itself against fads and manias, and in the midst of most pressing occupations carefully guards against rudeness and impatience.
  • MANS Scarron seems to allude sarcastically to this degradation of the heroes of Fiction: for in hinting at a new comic history he had projected, he tells us that he gave it up suddenly because he had "heard that his hero had just been hanged at Mans ."
  • Minis
  • actifies

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