What is the correct spelling for MARCO?

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Correct spellings for MARCO

  • mac Mongan then took on himself the form of Tibraide' and he turned mac an Da'v into the shape of the clerk. Remember what time to be back. If it slips your mind, I'm sure in time you'll find A Rita waiting in a mac. – Do the Best You Can by hollies
  • macao The city of Macao , called first by the Portuguese, Port da Macao , from the name of a Chinese idol found there, is called Gaou, or Ou-moon by the Chinese, and occupies the southernmost point of the island of Heang-Shan.
  • mack She learned how Aunt Winnie was "pining" for her home and her boy; she read the letters, with their untold love and longing; she saw the look on the boyish face when Dan, too mindful of his promise to Father Mack to speak plainly, said he 'reckoned she wouldn't be here long if he didn't get her somehow home. see me I'm an official mack Lex coup triple black – Affirmative Action (International Remix) by Nas
  • macro William Corderoy as Drusus Julius Caesar Derek Newark as Agrippa Postumus Caroline Blakiston as Agrippina the Elder Martin Potter as Nero Julius Caesar Jonathan Collins as Tiberius Gemellus Pollyanna Williams as Julia Drusilla Jenny White as Julia Livilla Karol Keyes as Agrippina the Younger Barbara Murray as Milonia Caesonia Jerome Willis as Naevius Sutorius Macro Kevin Stoney as Thrasyllus of Mendes Donald Eccles as Marcus Cocceius Nerva John Phillips as Gnaeus Calpurnius Piso John Paul as Cassius Chaerea Joan Heath as Munatia Plancina Wanda Ventham as Ennia Thrasylla Sean Arnold as Marcus Aemlius Lepidus John Normington as Gaius Julius Callistus John Woodvine as Publius Vitellius the Younger Gerald Harper as Lucius Vitellius the Elder Mark Hawkins as Mnester Roger Rowland as Quintus Veranius Charles Lloyd-Pack as Crispus George Sewell as Ennius
  • marc Marc, I know him: he is making fun of us.
  • march Our march yesterday from Rainawari to Kitardaji was charming.
  • marge Marge and I, with half a dozen others, were getting into a helicar.
  • mark
  • Marco Marco had grown grey in the mission: on account of his usefulness, he had been in many respects better treated than most of the Indians: he spoke Spanish with tolerable fluency; and when Estudillo endeavoured to exercise his wit upon him, often embarrassed him not a little by his repartees.
  • Mario
  • Marcy Did Marcy Gray do it?"
  • Margo
  • Marcos All this was confirmed when Friar Marcos reached the first village, so he hastened on, doubtless annoyed somewhat that Stephen had disobeyed his orders, and journeyed beyond the prescribed distance.
  • Marci Cephetola cephena (Hewitson, 1873) Cephetola chari Libert & Collins, 1999 Cephetola collinsi Libert & Larsen, 1999 Cephetola dolorosa (Roche, 1954) Cephetola ducarmei Libert, 1999 Cephetola eliasis (Kielland & Congdon, 1998) Cephetola epitolina Libert & Collins, 1999 Cephetola gerdae (Kielland & Libert, 1998) Cephetola ghesquierei (Roche, 1954) Cephetola godarti Libert & Collins, 1999 Cephetola izidori (Kielland & Congdon, 1998) Cephetola kakamegae Libert & Collins, 1999 Cephetola kamengensis (Jackson, 1962) Cephetola karinae Bouyer & Libert, 1999 Cephetola katerae (Jackson, 1962) Cephetola kiellandi (Libert & Congdon, 1998) Cephetola maculata (Hawker-Smith, 1926) Cephetola maesseni Libert, 1999 Cephetola marci Collins & Libert, 1999 Cephetola mariae Libert, 1999 Cephetola martini (Libert, 1998) Cephetola mengoensis (Bethune-Baker, 1906) Cephetola mercedes (Suffert, 1904) Cephetola mpangensis (Jackson, 1962) Cephetola nigeriae (Jackson, 1962) Cephetola nigra (Bethune-Baker, 1903) Cephetola obscura (Hawker-Smith, 1933) Cephetola orientalis (Roche, 1954) Cephetola oubanguensis Libert & Collins, 1999 Cephetola ouesso (Jackson, 1962) Cephetola overlaeti Libert, 1999 Cephetola peteri (Kielland & Congdon, 1998) Cephetola pinodes (Druce, 1890) Cephetola quentini Bouyer & Libert, 1999 Cephetola rileyi (Audeoud, 1936) Cephetola subcoerulea (Roche, 1954) Cephetola subgriseata (Jackson, 1964) Cephetola sublustris (Bethune-Baker, 1904) Cephetola tanzaniensis Libert, 1999 Cephetola vinalli (Talbot, 1935) Cephetola viridana (Joicey & Talbot, 1921)
  • Merck

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