What is the correct spelling for MARJUNIA?

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Correct spellings for MARJUNIA

  • arjuna He is often a small, dark, muscular man who began life as a day-labourer in the highly-cultivated fields of the Deccan and has journeyed to the city with his modest savings tightly tied up in his waist-cloth in the hope of eventually cutting as big a figure in the village home as does his friend Arjuna, who some years ago returned to his village as a capitalist and is even now the bosom-friend of the Patel.
  • mackinaw The knights with radiant features saw The message dated Mackinaw- Then ordered sumptuous cheer; Two dollars' worth, at least, they "cheered" While from his counter Charlie leered An instigating leer.
  • making I'm not making fun of you.
  • mania Do you know, Helen-Emory addressed himself to his hostess-De Peyster has developed a mania for art.
  • maniac Have you ever heard of such a thing as a secret maniac?
  • manic In the form of cyclic insanity known as the manic-depressive psychosis, mania alternates with depression, as if the personality were dominated wholly in turn by one or the other of these two instincts of the ego.
  • manna Now let it be supposed for a moment that the supply of manna had never ceased, so that until this day men could every morning gather a day's ration off the ground.
  • marconi James Watt, Robert Fulton, Elias Howe, Eli Whitney, S.F.B. Morse, Marconi, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers, and nearly all of our other great inventors have also been men whose habit was slender.
  • margin The employes should remember that it is necessary for the boss to make a good margin of profit on each employe, else he could not maintain his business.
  • marginal Lateral parts of marginal scutes are always pale yellow and form a border around the carapace.
  • marijuana Exhaustion stung them and yet both, wishing to find a chamber of themselves not mandated by work and sleep, let the liquor and marijuana smoke toss about their beings-beings that were sprawled on pillows on the tileless wooden floor.
  • marina Ana and Benita and Ines and Marina and Alejandro are gone up the Trujillo to the wedding-party of their cousin, Judita Vasquez.
  • marine The author counted over eighty marine craft at one view, glancing between "the blue above and the blue below."
  • marking This line of openings is arranged in a circle or a series of connecting, oblong lines, marking that particular seal's favorite feeding ground.
  • marquis I have met a certain French marquis, who is attached to the Count de Moustier's embassy.
  • martini Before her Psyche, shrouded in cobweb lace, powdered by Martini, gleaming with pearls and emeralds, scented with most delicate amber, making her morning toilette, and receiving her morning levee according to the fashion of the day, sat the brilliant satirist of poor Favart.
  • Marjorie Yes, this is Marjorie.
  • Martina The girl knows all about Martina, but she consents because she would marry anyone to escape from her stepmother, who treats her cruelly, and in order to hurt her feelings has given her mother's cup to the Knecht.
  • Marquita
  • Mariana Who says that Mariana is not fair?
  • margins In the mating season bears use the margins of lakes and streams as natural highways.
  • Mejia That's a good bust of Mejia!

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