What is the correct spelling for MARKES?

If you come across the misspelling "markes", there are a few possible correct suggestions. One could simply be "marks", assuming it refers to scratches or indicators. Another option could be "markets", if it relates to commercial exchange or trade. Always proofread and opt for the appropriate suggestion.

Correct spellings for MARKES

  • makers The makers of the video game spent months designing and coding the different levels.
  • makes The noise coming from the engine makes me concerned about its condition.
  • Marcos Marcos was known for his flamboyant style and extravagant spending.
  • Marcus Marcus is an accomplished musician and plays several instruments.
  • MARES The mares grazed in the lush green pasture.
  • marked The teacher marked each student's homework with a red pen.
  • marker I need a new marker to write on the whiteboard.
  • markers I need to go buy some new markers for my art project.
  • market I went to the market and bought some fresh vegetables.
  • markets Investors are wary of investing in emerging markets due to the high levels of political and economic uncertainty.
  • marks My teacher always reminds us to use quotation marks when we quote something.
  • Marques Marques asked his assistant to schedule a meeting with the client for next Thursday.
  • merges The river merges with the ocean beyond the horizon.
  • MIKES Mikes loves to play basketball on the weekends.
  • MURKS The cloudy weather created a murks atmosphere around the city.