What is the correct spelling for MATSSS?

If you've mistakenly typed "matsss" instead of "mats", worry not! Here are some possible suggestions for the correct term. Double-check if you meant "mats" or "mattress". If it's the former, ensure you've spelled it correctly. If it's the latter, consider using "mattress" instead.

Correct spellings for MATSSS

  • Fatsos It is not appropriate or respectful to use derogatory terms like "Fatsos" when referring to people.
  • Manses The wealthy aristocrats lived in grand manses on the outskirts of the city.
  • Marses
  • Masks Wearing masks has become a norm during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Mass The mass of the object was too heavy for me to lift by myself.
  • Masses The politician promised to improve the lives of the masses if he gets elected.
  • Masts The pirate ship had three masts towering over the deck.
  • Maters
  • Mates I am meeting up with my mates for a drink after work.
  • Mateys "Ahoy, mateys! Hoist the anchor and let's set sail on a pirate adventure."
  • Mathis Mathis is my favorite teacher because he makes learning fun and interesting.
  • Matins Every morning the monks gather for Matins in the chapel to start their day with prayer and hymns.
  • Matisse I recently attended an art exhibit featuring the works of Matisse.
  • MATS The big green mats in the gymnasium were perfect for practicing gymnastics.
  • Mats The yoga mats are all in the closet.
  • Mattes The artist decided to use mattes instead of glossy paint for this piece.
  • Matzos During the Jewish holiday of Passover, it is customary to eat matzos.