What is the correct spelling for MAY?

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Correct spellings for MAY

  • bay He rowed you round the bay with your brother. Here within these walls, (gratia) all else is kept at bay. Through the world may go astray, (plena) here etenal truths hold sway. – Here Within These Walls by Unknown Author
  • cay As soon as the first faint streaks of dawn showed upon the horizon, the anchor was hauled in and, swinging her bow towards the dim, black bulk that marked the mountains of Santo Domingo to the westward, the submarine slipped silently from Trade Wind Cay .
  • day There had been day , and I knew it not.
  • hay 164 Farm, Johnsongrass hay farm.........................
  • jay Lightfoot knew all this as he waited for the coming of the hunter of whom Sammy Jay had warned him.
  • lay Here, at last, lay the impossible service!
  • ma Here's a list of things Ma wants, and don't be all day about getting them."
  • mac These were a dangerous bunch, these Reds, and Mac was the worst of all.
  • mad The sight mad e me awful mad .
  • mag As Mag says she don't keer fer me, I'll be after going home alone.
  • mam Guatemala Spanish (official) 60%, Amerindian languages 40% (23 officially recognized Amerindian languages, including Quiche, Cakchiquel, Kekchi, Mam , Garifuna, and Xinca)
  • man The stage-door man greeted him with a toothless smile and handed him a bundle of telegrams, mumbling: "I knew it would go over, Mr. Phillips.
  • many And remember that what is done by so many cannot be deemed unseemly.
  • mao Anlong may also refer to: Anlong (meteorite) People: Mao Anlong (1927-1931), a son of Mao Zedong Wang Anlong, Chinese military officer
  • map Glance upon the map .
  • mar "Duty of any kind," respectfully answered the young daughter of Mar , "cannot be transgressed with innocence.
  • mary "Stephen's Mary told me you had come.
  • mat I am tired and hurt, but I'd like to join you on the mat ."
  • maw Principally three-1, The tape-worm; 2, the long round-worm; and 3, the most frequent of all, the common thread or maw -worm.
  • may It may perhaps be asked in what manner are they employed, seeing the nation is so little engaged in foreign war?
  • maya Maya, the only other person in the room, sat quietly and watched him pace.
  • mays Murray had been favorably impressed with the young man-Max Mays was the name he gave-and the employer of Mays had spoken well of him. He was rather a peculiar fellow, according to the employer-always busy with figures or financial stories and seemingly deeply interested in the details of the large business affairs that were discussed in the newspapers and the magazines.
  • nay Nay, listen, for my heart is full; so full That I must speak.
  • pay Pay him, pay him!"
  • ray "You can," Ray answered quickly,-"something that I would like better than almost anything else in the world."
  • say I'll go this minute for that one round the corner-Dr. Jones; I've heard people say he's a good one.
  • way Here's one way to do it."
  • Amy "Oh, dry up, Amy ," said Tom Hall.
  • Fay Also there came thither King Uriens, Sir Ewaine's father, and Morgan le Fay his wife that was King Arthur's sister.
  • My How farre is it my Lord to Berkley now?
  • mayo If you leave 'em I'll have to leave 'em too, and over the seas, in the County Mayo , an old mother will 'ave to leave her bit of a cottage.
  • Kay So when Sir Kay was unarmed, he asked after meat; so there was meat fetched him, and he ate strongly.
  • Macy In the same year that Macy came to the island a ship wholly manned by them went from Newfoundland to Lisbon with fish.
  • Mai A little as though the cry of the Nuit de Mai resounded all through his work.
  • Mae Mae rather satisfied her conscience, which was tolerably fast asleep for the time being, at any rate, with the fact that she didn't smile at these strangers-she only looked!
  • Maj Sam had always been attached to Maj , and the adventures they had shared together made him even dearer, so that to lose him would be like parting with a friend; still, he knew that a sacrifice might have to be made.
  • MAS Acosta presumiendo mas de valiente que de discreto respondio, Senor arremetamos, y muramos como los antiguos Romanos.

3 words made from the letters MAY

  • 3 letter words made from MAY:

    may, mya, yam.