What is the correct spelling for MEANWOOD?

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Correct spellings for MEANWOOD

  • loanword Assault Rifle" calques "Sturmgewehr" Ball lightning calques Kugelblitz Beer garden calques Biergarten Concertmaster and concertmeister calque Konzertmeister Earworm calques Ohrwurm Flamethrower calques Flammenwerfer Foreword perhaps calques Vorwort, which itself calques Latin præfatio (from præ- "before" plus fari "speak") "preface" Heroic tenor calques Heldentenor Intelligence quotient calques Intelligenzquotient Loan translation calques Lehnübersetzung Loanword calques Lehnwort Overman and superman (i.
  • manhood "He'll look for it, Mav, and would take a very poor opinion of me if I hadn't the manhood to go straight and frank, and say 'I thank you.
  • manned It was to be manned by a force of tidy, white-clothed laundresses, who might do their washing bare-legged in the running brook.
  • mansard Meantime upstairs in the mansard room of the old house Falkner was figuring over stresses and strains of an unemotional sort.
  • matchwood Outside the wind was roaring like an angry lion and snapping tree branches like matchwood.
  • meander I can see that poor chap in my mind thrashing and urging his team of horses into a gallop, for it was not reckoned wise to meander about the streets of Ypres, and then-one blinding crash.
  • mellowed Their voices reached him mellowed by distance; but immersed in thinking where he should find Julia, and what he should say to her, he crossed the roadway without heeding a commotion which in such a place was not unusual.
  • mentor "No need of that; I like you as you are, and by my faith, I doubt your great willingness, for when I last played tutor and left you to spell out the pretty legend of St. Coventin and his little fish, I found you fast asleep with the blessed book upon the floor," laughed Gaston, turning the tables on his mentor, with great satisfaction.
  • Managed "We managed to get them out.
  • Maned To them the tide of fortune was no ordinary stream but the 'white-maned, proud, neck-arching tide' that bore adventurers to sea 'with pomp of waters unwithstood.
  • Manured The paddy-fields are not manured.
  • Meant Though I knew what he meant.
  • Menaced Young though he was, Dick understood full well all the dangers which menaced.
  • Mended Mr. Spokesly explained that he wanted it mended.
  • Mewed He was tired of being mewed up in a flat, and he wanted the baby to get its feet on the ground, when it began to walk.
  • Moaned You will not die and leave me," she moaned.
  • Linwood This was the spot that Henry Linwood had selected for Isabella, the eldest daughter of Agnes.
  • meowed The black cat came from the chair by the window and meowed on one side of him, and the tabby cat meowed on the other, and Jimmy fed them both whilst he fed himself.
  • meanest It has been said that disappointment is responsible for all the hope in the world, but I'd like to say right here that that's just a sort of weak play on words which don't do justice to the meanest intelligence.
  • pinewood I saw her next in a pinewood between Ischl and the Traun.

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