What is the correct spelling for MEBUAT?

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Correct spellings for MEBUAT

  • abut They seemed to have not only cast her off, abut to have forgotten the fact of her existence.
  • bat It's all very well for you to sing a song off your own bat-" "That would be difficult, Georgie," Lady Adela observed.
  • beat Dale's heart beat more easily.
  • beaut Say, ain't he a beaut though!
  • boat See to the boat."
  • burt "He certainly done it," added Burt.
  • but But never mind that.
  • debate In the winter of 1859 and 1860, there were differences of opinion between Mr. Packard and Mrs. Packard, upon matters of religion, which resulted in prolonged and vigorous debate in the home circle.
  • debit At least he knew the difference between the debit and the credit side of the ledger, and had grasped the fundamental principle of domestic finance, viz.
  • debt 8690. Is that because you are in debt?
  • debut When an invitation has been received to an "At Home" debut, and one has not been able to attend, cards should be sent by mail or messenger, to arrive at the time of the ceremony.
  • marat Marat is no 'gentleman.
  • mat I was just thinking to myself that poor old Mat Landy would have been out, were he living.
  • mba
  • mead From the ash copse the travelling parties come down the highway hedge to the orchard: then, crossing the orchard and road, they enter another thick hedge, which continues in the same general direction; and finally, following it, arrive at this small green mead walled in by trees and mounds so broad as to resemble elongated copses.
  • meat 8. What is our greatest danger in eating meat?
  • meaty Berries large, oval, pale lilac or light red with thin bloom, inclined to drop from the pedicel, soft; skin thin, tough, without pigment; flesh white, juicy, stringy, fine-grained, firm, meaty, very foxy; poor in quality.
  • medea In 1835 Ewald visited the Jews along the northern coast of Africa-Solimon, Nabal, Hammamet, Susa, Monastir, Medea, El-Djem, Sfax, Gabes, Menzel, Shara, the Island of Gerba, and Tripoli were visited, and the Gospel preached to many thousands and thousands of copies of the Bible were placed in their hands, and tens of thousands of tracts circulated.
  • media If Katherine Starr walks out of here before the Kristen problem is cleared up and gets the ear of someone in the media, then everybody who works here .
  • mediate Being hard pressed they appealed to the Governor of Cape Colony to mediate between them and Moshesh.
  • meet Would you come down and meet him?"
  • melt Stew it gently ten minutes, and before you send it to table add two ounces of butter and let it melt in the sauce.
  • merit Not only the most complete and trustworthy history of Scotland yet written, but it will merit a high place among the historical works of our age.
  • moat I want you to get ready quickly and go to the Moat House, and persuade Grandfather to come back with you this afternoon instead of waiting until the evening.
  • moult You always choose February to moult in, and you will have to be feathered down there.
  • mount On the hill, southward of this camp, I found one tree, of the remarkable kind mentioned, as having been first seen by Mr. Stephenson, near Mount Mudge.
  • must But you must know, you!
  • mutt That there mutt had acted right decent, an' we knew Ranch would have bats in the belfry fer fair if he hoid tell o' the pup's finish; so says Buck; 'Let's not tell him, 'cause he's takin' on now like he'd lost mother an' father an' best goil an' all, an' if he knew Daggett was providin' chow fer Chinos he'd go clean bug house an' we'd have ter ship him home ter St. Elizabeth.
  • rabat In a fortnight we came to Rabat upon the sea.
  • rebate When the anti-rebate laws were passed, the road reformed; it was glad to reform, it made money by reforming.
  • rebut Not a hint is given that any testimony may be received to rebut the satisfactory proof given by the plaintiff.
  • Meant She didn't understand what you meant.
  • Met Why didn't you say so, and we could have met?
  • Ebert He had told her to spend a few hours down at Ebert Labs, getting notes on their progress.
  • MURAT Murat, Leclerc, and other generals enforce this melodramatic appeal by shouts for Bonaparte, which the troops excitedly take up.
  • aggregationing

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