What is the correct spelling for MEDATE?

If you meant to type "meditate" but misspelled it as "medate", here are some correct suggestions. Meditate is the correct spelling and refers to a practice of deep relaxation and mental focus. Other suggestions include "medal", "mead" or "mate", depending on the context.

Correct spellings for MEDATE

  • date I need to check my schedule to see if I'm available for a date on Friday night.
  • madame Madame Tussauds is a museum of wax sculptures.
  • mandate The new government's mandate is to improve the economy and create jobs.
  • mate
  • meade
  • meat
  • Meats I always buy my meats from the local farmer's market.
  • meaty I'm hungry for a meaty burgundy.
  • medal They awarded him a medal for his bravery.
  • medan The city of Medan is located in the north of Sumatra.
  • meddle I didn't mean to meddle, but I was curious about what you were doing.
  • mediate As a counselor, it is important for me to mediate conflict resolution strategies between my clients.
  • mediated The mediated dialogue between the three students and the teacher was a helpful tool in learning the material.
  • mediates The counselor mediates between the parents to find a solution that works for both of them.
  • medicate I need to medicate my cough with some cough syrup.
  • meditate I am going to meditate for half an hour before bed tonight.
  • Mete The coach will mete out punishment to any player who does not follow the team's rules.
  • mutate Some viruses have the ability to mutate rapidly, making it difficult for vaccines to keep up.
  • sedate She seemed to be sedate after her several days of rest.