What is the correct spelling for MEEDING?

If you meant "meeting" instead of "meeding", here are some possible correct suggestions. A meeting refers to a gathering of individuals for discussion or decision-making. Other alternatives include "greeting", meaning an act of welcoming someone or "needing", which pertains to requiring something essential.

Correct spellings for MEEDING

  • ceding Despite his initial reluctance, he eventually decided on ceding the presidency to his younger counterpart.
  • deeding He is deeding the house over to his daughter.
  • Deeming After deeming the evidence reliable, the jury found him guilty.
  • feeding Feeding the ducks at the park is one of my favorite activities.
  • Heeding Heeding the warning signs, the driver slowed down as the road became slick with rain.
  • Madding The madding crowd outside the theater made it impossible to hear anything inside.
  • meddling The principal warned the students against meddling in the affairs of others.
  • medina Once a great trade center and cultural center, the Medina is now a must-see for tourists in Dubai.
  • meeting I am looking forward to our meeting tomorrow.
  • meetings I have back-to-back meetings scheduled all day.
  • Melding The chef is an expert at melding different flavors together to create a unique and delicious dish.
  • melting She had to put her melting candle out before it ruined the cake.
  • mending I am mending the hole in my favorite shirt with a needle and thread.
  • metering The camera's metering system helps to determine the correct exposure for each shot.
  • Meting I will be meting out punishments to students who cheat on the exam.
  • Mewing The kittens were mewing for their mother.
  • Minding She was minding her own business when suddenly she heard a loud noise.
  • molding The carpenter was able to replicate the intricate molding design from the original building.
  • Needing Needing help with my math homework, I asked my friend for assistance.
  • Seeding This garden needs more seeding.
  • Teeing Teeing up the ball is the first step in playing golf.
  • teeming The teeming crowds made it difficult to navigate through the busy streets.
  • Weeding The weeding of the garden took several hours to complete, but it was worth it to have neat and tidy beds.